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Sung by Ringo Starr
Especially in the chorus part
You always said, "Now, don't you start." 

Don't you start, yeah yeah
Don't you start
made-for- T.V. world
Creation by committee stunts the growth of boys and girls
I miss the live musicians like Ringo Starr and Gadd
Part of a dying race,

When I was a kid I had a chip up on my shoulder
It ain't getting better even though I'm getting older
People get offended by the way I talk so
Ringo stiggity Starr bingo
I run shit like Kunta, breaks bones like Mandingo
I'm starstruck like starbuck, the bad bro is mad though
I'm all that small
Riding a white pony? That explains my Deftones.
I'm Illmatic like a storm on this microphone.
Walking across Abbey Road with Ringo Starr.
But Yoko