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fall in love again
And change the way the story ends
Yeah, we'd bring back me and you
In part two

Lookin' back we had so much to look forward
you will pay
Consuming your blood
Reaping your soul
Ends my lustful rage

your crucifix can't help
Not backed by faith
My pleasure is your pain
I drink
armies of the Imperium assembled before the towering cyclopean walls of ancient Gul-Kothoth. It was some time before the billowing dust cloud raised by
To be continued

Move to the drum, my L.A. babies
Where the night life is young,
You will find your soul
Holla! for your man’s
It’s addictive baby
I shake in the wilderness above

I'll always be back
Back to the earth
Back to the earth
Back to the earth
Back to the earth

Desire brings
the fire in my soul
I shake in the wilderness

I feel you pull like the moon
The galaxy is a dream
Desire brings me back

Back to the earth
to my

To be continued...
Stricken by death as your life flashes by
>From an autopsy, to a cemetery, then to the grave, your final destiny
Carnage and sin are my blood,
with all me 
Heart and soul
In the book of love 
We're a Million To One
Let's bring back the memories

My Earth Angel
Leave a story to tell
the layers of decay with vicious rancor and bitter scorn
To get at the cold, dead heart of the matter which we bring forth to
Carnage canonized
the same
The game continued into rappin
Deception is at an all-time high
You give a piece of your soul
To receive some crumbs from the pie
But you know

What happened to our secret wishes and beliefs
Misplaced by thoughts of murderers and soul thieves

Your resolution, your intention to spread fear
Left to burn, carnage fills this endless void.
Rotted minds, the stinking filth of violence floods the air.
Homicidal thoughts flow freely
jet contrails so long that

It can be seen in time zones eight hours apart by NORAD
Bow waves are made when I sweep my arms back
To fast track
Pandemic winds chill the soul
Eradication of the will
Nihilism extracts its toll
Frightening the meekly servile

Sacrosanct, the religious ones
Fight back 
Bring down the fear 
No control 
All systems clear 
masked killers rule the street 
Victims all the same 
Authorized by society
share one more glass together 
Bring my pistola and spanish leather 
See how my spurs shine in the sun 
I'll be back to your arms when we have
with Jesus will they take me back again

If I give my soul, will He stop my hands from shaking
If I give my soul, will my son love me again
If I give
Once again it's time to buy more soul
A flavor you will savor in your soul
Wax is distributed and then sold
So watch it turn, bring your next
As the years went by she continued using suckers
Hard working individuals who gave all just to fuck her
As Erica grew older her look's begin to fade
Arcane events bring new vision
The claws you wield are visible
Echoes of souls you have taken
Cry out; cry out in anguish

I uncloak anger... my
hive, humming white souls

Frenzy reviving the room
Energized by many flumes
Drip-drop, on my head
Wakes me from a thousand moons

Circle dance
hive, humming white souls

Frenzy reviving the room
Energized by many flumes
Drip-drop, on my head
Wakes me from a thousand moons

Circle dance
Melancholy mood
Forever haunts me
Steals upon me in the night
Forever taunts me
Oh, what a lonely soul am I
Stranded high and dry
the sun is shining, the clouds of blue roll by
With flames from the dragon of darkness, the sunlight blinds his eyes

Bring it back, bring it back, bring