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as I love my Kellswater
Like the primrose is loved by the bee

Here's a health to you, bonnie Kellswater
For its there you'll find the pleasures
to the music people ever since the day I was born
My momma raised me in a room across from the church by the tree

And that sweet gospel music, oh how it used
Here comes Martha runnin' down the pier
Looks like Captain Flint is here
You get the bow and I get the stern
Lord would you look at that Laverne

By the time you hear this song your
Troubles will be gone
And you'll be left with what's shining
Through your letter you 

By the time you
Martha told Him
"You're four days late
If You had been here he'd still be alive"
Jesus told her
"I am the Life
He who believes in me shall never
need a night all by myself
Got some things I need to work out
I got this fever that just won't break
I got some troubles I got to shake
Give me, give
(Good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Grand Ole Opry
We got a great show lined up for you tonight here
Brought to you by Martha White
man trouble)
She left me sitting here all alone
(Old man trouble)

I can tell it's you by the way you knock
So my door gonna stay locked

Ya know, let's kick it back
(And still I look for brighter times)
I can't call it
(I run with trouble, trouble)
Ya know, heheh
Yeah, yeah
our beds 
Eat off our plates, take a walk in our shoes 
Look at the world from our view try to live by our rules 
Drink the same water we do, put
Those all who were wit you id walk for
Now I'm here by myself girl I need you
No one could ever fill you're shoes you're one in a million you
brighter and stars are bluer,
And the gals are sweeter and their hearts are truer,
And I'm here to take, there's one who's really great,
She's that
The truth is there's nothing but a warm light and singing
But here in-between a voice haunts my dreams
Martha does what she can but won't look at my hands
are just about to start

You been scraping bottom long enough
Pushed and pulled by every "all-the-way" guy, yeah
But now I'm here to shelter you
troubles I see
Old rockin' chair got me, Judgement Day is almost here
Chained to my old rockin' chair

Can get from this cabin, I ain't goin' nowhere
living or dying when you're young
And your troubles are all very small

Out here on the street we'd gather and meet
And scuff up the sidewalk
Housewives trying to recapture their youth
By wearing floral print and suede
Fixing their hairdos with PC, chemical-free hairspray
Martha Stewart
And lights are brighter when you are near
Am I making it clear?
The music is better
And right now I just wish you were here
Oh ooh oh
Right now I just wish you
But you got me in trouble again
Well you'd think I would've learned by now
And I'd keep away from you somehow
Just like a little child
looking at a photograph,
Taken from a window way above the world,
We've got to learn,
We must leave here a garden for our children,
When we are gone
when you're young
And your troubles are all very small

Out here on the street we'd gather and meet
And scuff up the sidewalk
With endlessly restless
wait here
All day
I know you're saying
That you'd be here

But you're
Untouchable burning
Brighter than the sun
Now that you're close
I feel like
a guiding light
For our God is a refuge
Where the weary can run and hide
In times of trouble
He'll be the calm in the midst of the storm
'Till it passes
troubles down

Here I am, baby
Come and take me
Here I am, baby
Come and take me
Take me by the hand
Squeeze me
Here I am, baby

When I'm down
come and take me

Take me by the hand
Oh, show me here I am baby, take me
Oh, it always ends up this way
Me begging you every day
From love that I