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And I don't mind
If you're around me
And I don't care

Take it in
Pass it by can we justify
What we could follow down today

Got to move
Yo, Inspectah Deck track 
Break your back yo
A message of a wreckage
Fifty shell hot track leaking out the Lexus
Eyes hot, Cyclops, cyborg
to pass
On the way to my job on the way to my work
On the way to that slobberin' hoverin' jerk
Who's my boss today
Who's my boss to stay
Who's my
JFK, like a plot by the CIA
We ain't dying from the KKK
When that AK spray, they say "ay bay bay"
Stay tuned watch the melee play
Get attached
be taken by Yates
And I'm placin' this blade in his guts,
Amazing to us sleknov raisin' a cup here's to,
Layin' the blade today who bathin' in blood
energized, my music finds a way
to survive through the times and with the kinds today
L.A., what a wild place to be
styles by Ab, Mike Troy, and A.C.E.

we are sane!
Not insane!

she reads about a will to power
In papers full of lies
She hears that every time she breathes
Some foreign kiddy dies
But lust it sets in, and crush your chest in
For dust your destined, if drugs are let in
Enough to nest in, probably make you punch your best