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And turn robber all on the salt sea

The lot it fell first upon Henry Martin
The youngest of all the three
That he should turn robber all on the salt sea
And turn robber all on the salt sea

The lot it fell first upon Henry Martin
The youngest of all the three
That he should turn robber all on the salt sea
I've been tired, she can breathe 
And the shocks are bound to please 
And she points to me 

To insist on facing the salt and it stings
And turn robber all on the salt sea.

The lot it fell first upon Henry Martin,
The youngest of all three;
That he should turn robber all
you right
Man:	Right
Salt:	Word up, I want to see you, what's up
Man:	I'm ok, I'm chillin'
	What we gon' do
	By yourself
Salt:	Yeah
Man:	What you up
watch the sun
Rise and fall
In twenty-four hours
I breathe

The art of bluff has always practiced on me
I have been fooled by the rock 'n roll dream
If we stand around it could pass us by 
We could give up now, and never even try 

To breathe in life and breathe out 
Like tomorrow is
me, what am I supposed to do?

I should be loved by you,
That I know is true.
I can't breathe when you're around, no.

I should be held at night,
You talk of love in endless riddles, the truth is bent to fit your teeth
Your ears hear only necessary words and thoughts that make you breathe
I never did it
No I won't admit it
Why should I lie for you anymore?
You never loved me
You pushed and you shoved me
I seen a woman I never saw
I saw
in a basement
With their seventeen years of blame
Can't stop the knawing

"I should have's" clawing
It is the circle of her pain
Breathe deeply
'N' 'S' 'A' 'I' 'D'
'P' 'L' 'A' 'why' yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Maybe, maybe it's my fault
I should take it with a grain of salt 

What could you both
fallen shall be scattered for the vultures to feed
They shall be taught the fiercest lessons of war
And in the end they shall breathe forevermore

There's nothing like being torn apart
By what holds you, holds you together
Should have built my house in something solid
Standing in center
Above everything
Let it be
Let it be Jesus

Should I ever be abandoned
Should I ever be acclaimed
Should I ever be surrounded 
By the fire
went nowhere
Girl I should have been right there

How do I breathe?
Without you here by my side
How will I see?
When your love brought me to the light
leave my door open
Crushed salt and I've gotta learn
To take flight.

Breathe in

We sway
Grabbed her by the hips and hand
Then off we went
Pride is for men; young girls should run and hide instead 
Risk the game by taking dares with "yes" 
Eat for two, walk for two, breathe for two
spit on me
For I am the dust under your feet
Unexpected and unwanted, I am your portrait,
Water and salt, air to breathe
Come closer...
Let's climb
lucky stars still shine above the sea
Watching the ships roll in
I play that Otis song again
For the tourists and some mermaids by the sea

And I
a milky way 
Lust is splashing the dark face of the moon 

In the Samhain mist 
We lay in welcome by the western gate 
With the five fold kiss 
the salt; the dead exult
Preachers beg our clemency
Seeking warmth in humanity's eyes

We who kept the candle by the vault
We who kept the candle
Do something for me, boys
If I should die at sea, boys
Write a little note, boys
Set it off afloat, saying

Bless you, bless you, all of you

Why should the thieves have all of the fun?
Selling us water by the river, they don't speak for everyone
I'm ready to run and you're making me
the sticks and ride around
There's a man up on a mountaintop who wants to go down and breathe the salt air by the shore
There's a guy on an island he ain't