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the cool in you
Or it'll be a sad love song being sung by Toni Braxton
And I'll dissect you like a fraction
Oh, you wannabe top cat MCs, I'll pop you like
So many ladies (Yea, I go by the name of Cassidy)
Ladies (And I got love for the ladies)
Ladies (Fo' real)
Ladies (Remix)

and it's like looking in the mirror
Reflection, twenty-four/seven, representing
Hardcore connection, now listen, now listen
Chucky, I feel lucky, got
and don`t hold a damn thing back"

(Mack 10)
Me and my homeboys stepped in the house
All the punk ass niggaz started breaking out
Cause you know, they
they holding me down
But I'm ready to climb, slowed down whoa now
You can learn by f***ing with us, cause I'ma swell up
Your face and detach your jaw,