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made her choice
Her mind was made-up by the sound of her voice

Clear across America tonight
Clear coast-to-coast tonight
She's long gone, she's
Statue of Liberty
Outside of Birmingham
Stands by the highway
Raises its lily white hand
Boatloads of people
Rush to America's Birmingham
the world.
We create together breaking boundaries
And borders set for us by society.

We tend to bring elements that maybe were
Built 2000 miles apart,
heart 'til I'm breaking free
When I get out out I'm gonna run with you
We're gonna make our way to America
Sent to death in a filthy Colosseum
By an ugly secretary who goes by the name of Mary
Living the life less ordinary, London Beriberi
Shoot to maim
dial a telephone
Call up color vision from the safety of your home
You can mount the great offensive from a button by the chair
If you arm the right
With the Spread of the virus at the end of six weeks
We go now to breaking news
You know what they really hate about him
28 suicides

They wanna
With the Spread of the virus at the end of six weeks
We go now to breaking news
You know what they really hate about him
28 suicides

They wanna see
lightly begins to rain screams of terror 
Are hidden by the passing trains 
This can't be little Shane, his uncle cried 
As he drops to his nephew's
Of eighty nine they envision me 
Warm days and the cold beer chemistry 
Eventually broken up by responsibilities and such 
Sometimes this era mentally I
muzzle to quiet your barking?
I’ll be in all black tonight in your apartment
Or ya projects, or ya brownstone
I’m breaking it down, homes
How it sound,
Yo yo 
What up 
One luv 
One thug 
Know what y'all mutha fuckas need? 
What we need nigga? 
Know what America need? 
What do America need? 
A Outlaw
the brotherhood
In the beginning, yet you never could
Ain't that kept undercover another one cause I got
Six got hung by the beast
Looking for the golden
the pick, the Lee suit, and the afro.
Now from the flair jeans on 169th and College.
Watching the dude lean on one-seven-o
With a Kangol 'cross America,
featuring Mystikal Silkk the Shocker 
If we was owned by the white folks it will be all good 
But we independent black owned and making scrilla
once they get at you
(Said, "You'll never be alone again")
This house is haunted by pain transposed into revenue
("The murdered all stay")
That thing
the fuck I'm eating
America, I gave it my all
Still you guys arrested me for being black and standing on a sidewalk
It doesn't matter if I'm breaking laws
step, mobbed by the mouth a bit
Pause, put me under stress
Crawled under rocks, ducking y’all, it’s respect
But then tomorrow, put my back against
to cherish the dream
Of america, were apparently they bury beliefs
Underneath lies and bodies than can barely reach
Confused by rules, and scared