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what it is
And every time I climb I wind up back on the skids
You always stood by me
When the natives start to whine

[Chorus: x2]

You're like
the lonesome sparrow calls
His notes evokes a broken key
As you can understand
Which makes us roving strangers all
From our native land

So treat me kindly as I
self-ia, Bronson not helpin' ya
Trying to get the Lexus ah oysters for breakfast ah
I'm still in queens thats my native land
I sport a headdress baby veil
Hate ... has ... silenced ... love ...
We took the village by surprise 
No time to see the strangers hate filled eyes 
For this sad consequence 
Hunters with their dogs and deer rifles
Thousands of them line the pavement
Like patient pupae waiting to become worms

Another dark night,
An' he walked this earthly sod
This was sod that god would trod on
Till one day a stranger landed 
With a line o'jive

Laid it on the natives till
'em if you have to with a bow
Leave 'em proud and prominent 
In the middle of the busiest road"

A stripper picked me up one night 
Pennin lyrics on back of these napkins...
Zoned out in the first class cabin with noise cancellation head phones...
Two hash brownies for breakfast this
And I'm looking famous
And you can tell by the reaction of them strangers
From distance tryna figure if it is or if it ain't him
The reals say I'm on it,
on the natives
So I like to dance naked in front of my pets
But my cat was inattentive so I sent him U.P.S.
Playin' spin the bottle with my mom
I watch "Cops"
trippin and get caught slippin at night
You might fall victim to one of these wannabe G's
That run the streets, defined by
Living with their Third Eyes
danger, wild west ranger ranger
Rearrange 'a the mark ass stranger
Behold, the look on my face stone cold
With a rare cowboy style that never grow old
the hardest
Picture me debatin' no time to argue with you artists
If you do a song with me I'm probably just targeting your market
And then I take them home
get over my pride

Shoutout to Nard that's my personal trainer
He cool with you because of you I now treat him like a stranger
Big booty Shelby I
With no way to escape the confines of one's mind
A mental prison, a prism of thought
A crystalis of anger created by the action of strangers
show off, show off, fucking with the right vet
(JFK) Working on my Kennedy tan
I'm a little smarter, boy, know of my enemies plan
Understand Lucky 7,
The spaces have always been created by the gentle and caring,
To be later filled by bullies and egotists.
We can try to fill those spaces with