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I'm a wolf, black version of Twilight
These rap nigger's too thick, they make a plight
This is a rap sticker, I heard your album
But like
squad of design monsters
Innovating the styles that made biters look like imposters

So we scripted an album and signed to Rawkus
Selling a hundred
And don't mind
I'm a ryder
Smoke the good dro
Carry the 4 4's
? my door
I'm a ryder

I say this pimping is natural
Cadillac is fabulous
sure they don't forget me
It's by my side
Juh juh juh yeah

Go on boy
Get yo' vest
Protect your neck
Kill for fun
Watch how they run and scatter
sure they don't forget me
It's by my side
Juh juh juh yeah

Go on boy
Get yo' vest
Protect your neck
Kill for fun
Watch how they run and scatter
Bitch I been a "G" all my life
A "G" down to ride
"G's" stay getting high
I'm a "G" 'til I die
A nigga known to bust gats
Take half a day
in the hummers
Cause I know them boys be some chiefing last summer
Buffet fire is my drink, and I drinks it daily
So I buys it by the truck load, so I
my life or your life
And I'm a bomb first

For so many days and some many ways
We've been duckin' strays
Hate to live us
But we still some Bad Boy
[ "Long Version" includes the following INTRO: ]
Yo Rich
How come y'all go ruthless
turn around and try to be positive?
[ D-Loc ]
Look man, people
told you niggaz 9 albums, stop fuckin' with me
I done told you niggaz the 9 on me, stop fuckin' with me
You niggaz must got 9 lives, 9th wonder

held by the Jet L-I
I'm the one, thus meaning no one must try
No two, no three, no four, know why?
Because one's four-five might blow yo' high
told you niggas
9 albums, stop fucking with me
I done told you niggas
The 9 on me, stop fucking with me
You niggas must got 9 lives
9th wonder
every universe
Version 6.0, sacrifice my body to the dirt
I challenge Alpha Males to change so you can see
A man standing there where a boy used to be
a candle like Mariah, I'm so fire
When I step in the club, get low!, like Flo Rider
Cause I'm a Pimp
You can tell by the limp
When I step aside
and I got it covered
Somehow always rise above it
Why you think I got my head in the clouds on my last album cover?
The game is all mine and I'm mighty
your boy
I'm tryna pop the McLaren with the vertical doors
I'm watchin' Freaks and Geeks got a trampoline in my room

Two, Three, Four
Hold your
{Word?} Ain't he a Reverend now, collectin plates
At churches and shit?

(He's spittin flames right now baby
He at the top of his game, right
deadly but calm
Word to my born, dead by dawn
Got the right to bear arm, ring the alarm!
Another sound boy dyin, hot irons
Slugs flyin out the hardware
Jordan 'em
Number one albums what I got, like four of 'em
More of them on the way, the 8th wonder on the way
Clear the way, I'm here to stay
Y'all can save
the convertable shift
Candy paint thong version with the iced out chip
Yokahama tires, whodee, but I only got 3
No Limit Boys we thuggin I get a high for next week!
album was The Chronic (nigga)
They want to know if he still got it
They say rap's changed
They wanna know how I feel about it
(If you ain't up
Alright, boys and girls
You finally made it to the end of the album
I hope you learned somethin?
But the best is yet to come
Welcome to Hustlenomics
The money it goes up, day by day
And baby, pricks should never say my name
I came, from a place where it's all on
So I'ma take war and lead the boys
you're slapped
At five you're just wacked
At four you're lost
At three, you're just soft
At two you're an ass
At one, you're a dick
But before you
Watch a nigga full of life, light close like shutters
God damn, staying healthy is hard as a mo'fucker

[Chorus: x4]

It ain't no lying or fiction,