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Zev Katz


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to room, I packed my things. 
Everyday you passed me by. 
Maybe you could make me change my mind. 
Maybe ask me to stay. 
Did you love me? Did you love
They packed us up in boxes, wooden boxes
And sent us home
Underneath the willow, near the the river
By my headstone
And all you do is carry
Projected memories passing by leading back to my reality speed frame coloured boxes with pleasant Ambiance imagination raped by a commercial car
on the mix 
And yeah the birthstone kid, Zev love x 
And Mr X took a licking, so onyx what's the time it is? 

Time is to get my cocka-doodle rooster
on sight 
Zev Lover, gave it the first light 
A grin shows a trick up a sleeve  
What a tangled web they weave 
Deceivers, stupefied through fable 
Goodnight tomorrow is moving day
Everything's in boxes waiting for
This extended holiday
Displaced, swallowed by the sprawl
Sometimes the grandest
years and down his lonely face came the tears
His house was filled with logs and cardboard boxes
The boxes sealed the cracks in the wintertime
The floor
Neurotic smart bombs fault intolerant
Lulling in recursive parabolas
Black boxes shake hands scoping for shroud lines
With ten thousand mile
In the cardboard boxes
Where you make them stay 

In the docklands of East London
Where those great tall ships once sailed
Of a price of couple
Mail letters papers and packages
Delivered by carrier and train and planes
Sent and delivered through post
Regardless of sunshine or rains
Tuberose and two lips
On the boxes you ripped
From the holes in your skin
Hit the road and get rich
Or stay home and get broke
It's your choice in
Irma waits by the window,
Vaguely looking down at her socks
And humming. Possibly her
Father will come home with a box
Of chocolates. Possibly
I'm obnoxious and no one's home
In My Head 
In My Head
Cardboard boxes filled with hate
In My Head
They're In My Head
Nest of termites, glowin'
Two wheeler, four wheeler 
I could move the boxes 
Four Wheeler, yeah 

In the honey time of youth 
When the wind had sweet breath 
remember that time when my favorite colors were pink and green?
Hey, remember that month when I only ate boxes of tangerines?
So cheap and juicy

Lay your head in the old
Old fashion

You know how it is my friend
In the boxes of those picture frames
Hold your inside 'cause you're cold
Changin' this old mountain into sand

You know me by the stories I have made
You know me, lookin' out through boxes and cages
And it's hard to clearly
To fit in boxes
I'm sitting on the roof today
All by myself
Not saying nothing
To no one
I'm sitting on the roof today
All by myself
Not saying nothing
Trading pieces from a suitcase on a bench
Customers turned on by the horrific stench
Packages, boxes, filled with bits
Tightly packed jars with lids
standing by your union hall.

I would be proud to carry my load.
Help all the drivers stuck by the road.
Beautiful Teamsters, living by night.
Mind is on
Sleep never comes
Remember to tell no lies
Convicted by ideas
That false heroes
Lead the earth
Into an era

Mediate culture
I was feeling desperate
unable to decide
Between a life of misery
or awful suicide
Then it came to rest by me
like a cross that's hard to bear
Words by Bob Hartman
Based on Luke 10:30-37, 1 John 3:17

Where are the amber waves of grain
When one of our homeless native sons has hunger pain
to the infected wound
And the smother the mouths of the young
Stillborn in a polluted womb

Oh lord of the worm
Return us to the soil
Let the boxes of bones
of a math professor

Even when the last tree falls, there will be fire
Even when the last bird is gone, Wooden boxes
Lovingly made by hand, filled up with