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And a sedated girl by your side
And there's no need to lie
All our truths, they will come out in lines and rhymes and reprise once again
Broken hearts of yours
Will they love you the same?

If not, that's OK
If not, that's OK

You are broken and callow
Cautious and safe
You are boundless in beauty
thang, Twerk your thang
'Cause you got love tonight, girl
Shake your thang, shake your thang 
Oh, that's what I like, girl
Don't be ashamed, don't be
expecting her
And she's got work to do
He helplessly stands by
It's meaningless to try
As he rubs his red-rimmed eyes
He says I've never seen her get
(feat. 'POPS')

[Verse 1]
Night Blows, Stoves don't work, Hoes at work
A warrior, so I wear 'em on my shirt
Wish I was free as Che was, I spend
To make up for what you can't do on record
Open your eyes twice the size and realise
I'm on the rise and you're on the demise
Ostracized by my reprise
better than all the other MCs out there


How can this be?
I finally see
That it was me who had the ego
Please don't hold
Last sturdy domino leans secluded
Don't let stupid delusions lesson super-duty labor students
Dragnet lifer solutions
Daddy loves sloppy dimensions
[Pep Love]
Uh, West coast...the best, coast

Pacific Heights
We take flight to live it like never before
The sun sets to settle the score