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We hit that liquor store
By the county line
Whipped out a fake ID
I got from a friend of mine
We made our getaway
Due south to the gulf shore sand
will fade away,
Replaced by a photograph'

Like the way we remember the words to a joke
But forgot how hard it made us laugh

We had a bottle of silver
[Paul Wall Intro]
I get up early and get it before the crack of dawn
And I'm still out when the sun set getting my hustle on
I'm grinding all day
heard that Paul Wall is comin' now
Reakwon is on the mic and he's buggin' out
Corey Taylor got a harem chasin' him around
We ain't slippin' with his
Yeah it's young Khalifa Man
Mr. Spacely
Everyone call me man
Taylor Gang or die
And this project is brought to you by
And paper planes too
[Intro: Ghostface Killah]
Yeah, uh-huh, yo, yo

[Ghostface Killah]
Portable DATs, Sony headphones
El Dorado's, thousand dollar bottles, get blown
Drinking out the bottle, I got no respect 
Looking like a model, you just got a check 
I back it up, cause I don't give a fuck 
If you're
hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side
She's a-tryin' to hide
Pretendin' she don't know me

I's out there
Don't hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side.
(Right there
Proud as can be)

I's out there paintin'
An out-of-tune Les Paul'll get me by 

I've been doin' gigs since I was ten
I really can't remember when
I ever had a dollar to my name
or break, so give him his bottle back."

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

Tobe's got a drinking problem
Tobe's got a drinking problem

I swear by almighty God
That I'm
blowing good on swole
So let's ride til we can't ride no damn more
We Cadillac pimpin hard see my nigga fa sho'


[Sean Paul]
Sure be white
the bottles gone
Roll weed on ya take the bitches, I don't follow y'all

I can never make up this if I wanted to
It's real talk what I'm saying
At least he loves his city

Holding court on Taylor Square proper was the man he could become
Lear's Fool is a bum now
With seven holy parcels by his
everything's all good
But at the end of the day you're all wrong

All red chuck taylors, red Dodger hat
Posted up at market with a bottle of yak
I'm just
friction when I flex up the jaw to hit the joint 

That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti 
Like the body cool  keep the strap up by the naughties
Tear da club up, nigga tear da club up

(DJ Paul)
This for all the playa haters who be talkin' that shit
The Three 6 show no love we quick
right by me
Gotta a joint if you wanna get stoned, got choppers if they wanna try me
Pro athlete I'm not no wannabe
Waitress asked how many bottles? I
pull over like trina
Ya patna owe me cash I'm gon get that bank
Put a bomb under the car and a twist in the gas tank what


[Paul Wall]
Catch me
Well a we say "give me the light' and "buss a bottle of Mo"
And a welcome people to Jamrock each and every stage show
Try fi overlook we dem time
Don't hurt me none, don't hurt my pride
'Cause I got my little lady right by my side.
(Right there
Proud as can be)

I's out there paintin'
tried to bury him faster

Next week he at the mall, rollie on his arm
Two bad bitches with him laughing having a ball
Seen Ty cousin Paul, Paul
Buck jump motherfucker buck jump ya bitch

Buck jump motherfucker buck jump ya bitch

Verse 1

(DJ Paul)

We represent Memphis, Sippi

and I don't
Fuck the light at the end of the tunnel
Cause I'm living for today, tryin' not to drown in a bottle
Death all around me, drugs seem to numb me
The kind of music you play scares people. Why shouldn't people be scared by you?

Vinnie scream fuck the world like Shakur
Y'all ain't never