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goes right on down the line
When you're living on borrowed money, working on borrowed time

But I'm trying hard to go down easy
And it's a crying
you back
You're the best I'll never have
So I don't want to give you back
But you're borrowed
Only borrowed

How much time is left and you don't
love you
Honey, for all its worth
So always stick to the line
Stay on borrowed time
And love your mother earth

Borrowed love
Ain't even like
don't know
I'm living on borrowed time
I'm living on borrowed time

These robes, purple royal, claim me their own
From a city lost in dust, I stand

I never thought there could be a love like yours and mine
I never dreamed that I would see the day that I would find
A love
Enslaved to poison trade. 
Existence of borrowed time. 
Depraved, noxious state. 
Corrupt exaction insane. 
Down on your knees. 
to run

We're only here
We're only here
We're only here on borrowed time

We're only here
We're only here
We're only here on borrowed time

If I
A plan of dignity and balance for all
Political breakthrough, euphoria's high
More borrowed money, more borrowed time

Foreclosure of a dream
Those visions
What a crazy life
That's flying by
We only survive to get done
We all live and die on borrowed time
On a rock we ride around the sun

And I know, I
will be spared, we need to beware of the future

Now meet your maker
Thou shall repent
Now meet your maker

Walking this earth on borrowed time
A gift
I've lived a life full of sorrow
With no where to run or to hide
Happiness you'll see is borrowed
All I want is you by my side

(Malcolm Holcombe)

I've heard misfortune blossoms
And wasted ways before me by the cause
Of giving someone time enough for spending
Love only
Dear Haley
Can you save me from
The borrowed cloud I'm on
All you've gotta do is try
Pray you're just getting by

Hey wait I thought you made it
to you
No matter how hard we try
We're still on borrowed time

You still go home to her
So you can't belong to me
Although it feels so right
playin' anyway
But if I dream about it, it makes me wonder
For every good thing, must you get bad
But I won't worry, and if I'm living on borrowed time
found him naked
With a note right by his side
A note right by his side

He can't take it back
Neither can I
No, neither can I

Mommy and daddy
We gotta keep on living, living on borrowed time
Hallelujah time!

Yes, you can hear the children singing, Hallelujah time!
As they go singing
of Purgatory
My time is borrowed
But still I waste away

I've seen your eyes
Search desperate skies
For meaning they can't find

Succumbed to fate's
finally the fact
That the numerals just don't count

And all our time is borrowed
No deposit, no return
And no promise of tomorrow or the next day
the mayor Ed Koch
Washing windows on the Bowery at a quarter to four
'Cause he ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more
Living on borrowed time

You're gonna get burned one day
Hell, I already feel a heat wave comin' on

I know I'm livin' on borrowed time
Livin' like a rebel
from our spine.
We gotta keep on living, living on borrowed time:
Hallelujah time!

Yes, you can hear the children singing: hallelujah time!
As they
I've heard misfortune blossoms
And wasted ways before me by the cause
Of givin' someone time enough for spendin'
Love only borrowed

And I've
fate won't be turned aside
Can't expect anyone to understand
But the answer is in your hands

Cuz it's borrowed time
When's the dime running out
supposed to be
So I'll take my time
And life won't pass me by
'Cause it's right there to find, On the dirt road 

I have lived life in the fast lane