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You're a big guy, but you're cut down to size
when you're left all by yourself.
Well I'm not paid to babysit
and don't ask me to help.

Catch me, don't you
Catch me, don't you, catch me, I've fallen in love
For the first time
For you I drop the tough guy shit
On this bus I sit
to get
But your're hot to def I break a sweat
When you roll by in your

Escalade, Navigate, ya Rangin' it
I'm lovin' it Your attitude, the way you move
Somethin' slapped me and woke me
I see two red guys
One was laughin' and pointin' 
The other was serious
See I could tell he was serious
Cause I was serious
(SNAP), if you wanna crack (CRACK)
If you wanna shoot, give me a second so I can lay flat
Cause this, some the cemetery's, the reality
Where the tough guys