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out my mind

Full disclosure
Coming sponsored by no one
Take me over and blow out my mind

The years went by with disquieting grace
A past obsession sunk without a trace
I moved into winter and found my home
As my boiling blood had
Encourage friendships and break the atmosphere
You're living no interest, depressed by isolation
Have you found your voice?
The great demoralization
get by with so much less than anyone 

Deceived entrapment through belief 
Disclosure would decree accusations would be shed 
Instead we stand over
War seeks revenge upon all peace 
A turning of the tide again 
Turmoil rising 

Unleash the boiling chaos 
Once veiled by mists of lies
Never return to the ones that provided 
Children draining parents of will 
I hold out my hand to bloodless child 
I'm taken by the one I was saving
Searching for meaning to this life
Playground, the self
Awaking forever day by day, in bleak disclosure
Hoping to find serenity in a silent dream
(really great)
In contrast, you really suck (really suck)
Okay, full disclosure, we’re not that great
But nevertheless, you suck

Your sports team will soon
Exposing you to my world
Face judgement on my terms
Paved into life by you
No point in hiding the truth

Fall of the parasite!

Explode- gonna bring
Poor man's anger rising.  
The ostrich hides his head.  
Soon the red blood will be boiling.  
And blue blood will be dead.  
While we say.
Knights in shining karma 
Tend your flame 
And with love for armor 
They'll remain 

Ever by your bed 
Guarding, still sleeping 
Shield your
This is my dance floor

Think they're better
Beta tested
Alphabetically perfected
So hot it's boiling over
Just to give you full disclosure
the drain
Spilled in after life

Devious kill
Gentle reap what's sawn
melt into the boiling blood

Departing from accepted ways
Overcome by superior
you can't kill a frog
By dropping him in boiling water
He reacts so quickly to the sudden heat
That he jumps out before he's hurt

But if you put him in

Lying quiet and still, complexion at peace with dismay
By the moonlight bay the boardwalk body lay
Lying quiet and still, complexion at peace with
Lost in the eyes
Back through the eyes
Where the simmering rain
Has come boiling over again

Locked in a cage
Down in the cave
Where the night
When the rain of fire falls

Flames that will consume
A boiling death appear
The last second alive

Raped in endless pain
Licked by
to your night realm we bow. Nocturnal majesty, sworn to black we'll always be. Damnation's diction, a deadly disclosure, our poisons in their goblets drip.
will be religions end

Burning by the gate i can hear
Reflection of his voice
Dripping blood i share with my lord
Confirms my every choice
Piece by piece - slice by slice.
A strainless leash - Das Volk enticed-
The boiling frog
Bloodhounds nosed around the houses, down dark alleys sailors crept 
Six bells struck, the pot was boiling - soup spilled out on passers-by
And greet you big and small
For there's no place else on this earth quite like
The homes of Donegal

I long to see your smiling children
Standing by the door
In simulation jubilation

For the deceased...
Spray-on clothes and diamond jaws
Wrinkles smoothed by nanoclaws

With my machines I can dispatch you
cervix an abscess... foeticide
Pumped out by your gynaecologist... your insides

Spasmodic convulsions of pleasure are gained
Pumping out the boiling
Flying chunks of hot debris rushing through the air
Vapors causing blisters, eyes blinded by the glare
Clouds that shower death, hell falling from