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24Seven and I'm in heaven,
When you touch me I burst
You take me into Universe
24Seven and I'm in heaven
It brings me such delight
To love you in the candle
a woman alone

With fingers that tremble she touches her body
And wishes her man would come home
Now the years pass so quickly for time is a thief
His skin
And we neva got no room for no haters 
When we pull up on them 24 omegas 
While I'm smoking on a gar seeing Vega 
You by my side we be on one when we
Our father, who art in heaven
Please watch over me 24/7
Please give me something to believe in
I'm either driven or crippled by these demons
until you had enough
Of that good ol sicky stuff

And girls they come in runnin over again with that STICKY 24-7

Your sticky good I can't lie
It taste
, then days went by, then days went by,
Here I am

I Knew Shawn since we was little niggas son since we were seven
Armed robbery, first degree, my man did
by, then days went by, then days went by
Here I am

I was ? since we was little niggas son since we were seven
Armed robbery, first degree, my
I'm a drive you crazy
Til you'll be my baby

Cause you're giving the signs
Just a matter of time
Til you're mine
So you stay on my mind 24/7
get back
Hopefully maybe get the clique out the trap
I need dough like a bread baker (Amen)
24/7, got ready on the turf, player
All day

Make 'em hop in
of my t.v. screen.
24-7, You wait for me.
Entertaining angels
By the time I fall to my knees.
Host of heaven, sing over me.

Entertaining angels
it by my lonely
CB4 gangsters man they so gusto
24/7 all I do is hustle
Old folks in the hood call me p man
Double cups Styrofoam I sip lean man
the first rap, the first movie
Oooh wee *woman screaming* it's alive
So whatchu gon' do 24-7, 3-65
Dr. Frankenstein
Dr. Frankenstein

[Mr. Short Khop -
hold of my soul
It's like a military soldier since seven years old
I held real dead bodies in my arms
Felt their body turn cold, oh
Why we born in
soldier since seven years old
I held real dead bodies in my arms, felt they body turn cold, oh
Why we born in the first place ff this is how we gotta go?
Will body the first line and make it the worst line
So what it means is, whatever proceeds this
Is above the previous, stepping strong weak shit
and a red cool cat  

I want the girls to hear me rap  
Cause this mc has got the nack  
I'm your body-popping shell shocking  
Girls hocking eye popping
through the net jump a Corvette with a triple pirouette
but off the court he had a few temptations copulations 
no moderations by 24 he had 3 pregnations
thinking of you 24/7, and 365
Now the girl for me Impanema
She's here right by my side

I got you now and I just want to
Show you how to play
Welcome to the ghetto

Livin' day by day in my hood on the spot
See the same old things:same dope fiends cops
Just an average day in the streets
that real Gs to go heaven
So I'ma keep spittin' the truth on these fools like a reverend
Stay open like 7/11 that's 24/7, when you need some hot shit
"Am I a good man? ..."

Take my hands out my pockets you can see my thumbs
Both of them turned green, from countin' the ones
Memorized by
still ain't listenin to me
Gotta let them 24's spin, chins ain't chippin or flippin
And let me get another victim again, gain-gain-gain-gain
Whether they
model chicks
She's a hottie perfect body, 36-24-36
It's a beautiful thang
And on the cool, I ain't got room to complian
I'm living lovely drinking
to stay strong
I know you have a day job but mine is 24/7
I feel like writing a book, I guess I lied in the hook
'Cause I still love you and I need you by
24/7, 365, motherfucker I'm still right on time
Oh you thought you had me all figured out?
Take it from the horses mouth, you'll never understand