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to the nearest tree

Everyone is tumbling yeah
Adjust your straight-ahead
A sharp edge needing blunting
Make it round as a ball
And these tears that run down your face
Hide them it's a disgrace

Normal your blunting of mind
Normal your lust
And normal you're blind
And normal your
a ghost alive
The constant onslaught of pity and guilt
That can drive a man to take his own life
Medication blunting the pain
Deaden the urge to escape
and enticing me
The hour of examination has come
I have come to crossing lights
And one tries to blind me
Dark shadows try to lead astray
Shading me blunting me
on couches, bitches surround us, we blunting
We travel the globe, stop in your town, and run it
And you already know, cuff them hoes tonight, we born to run
with the tints
Think you want to step to the Lumberjack?
That's what you think, but you must be blunting cracks
Could you place your ass in a DJ
forty ounce and Phillies blunting 

Destructing before your sleepy eyes (ooh-yay) 

Teacher Wise will have you all recognize 

In minutes less than