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Skirt chasing every night
Sniffing 'round like some ol' hound
Like all you other guys
Until from out of nowhere
She took me by the hand
I found what I'd
the pride parade

I swear I almost cry
Every year when they go by

If I'd only been a girl instead of
A guy,

And prouder than proud.
If I'm troubled by every Folding of your skirt,
Am I guilty of every 

Male inflicted hurt?
But I don't know how 
To describe
She dreams china white behind her eyes of china blue
Her future wrapped in velvet and her memories wrapped in warm cotton wool

And the coffee
wait well I'ma pass out and taste this curb
And she attacked with flirts, smacked my nerves
There in that black skirt
Got my nature so hard it made my
where she works, go online do a search
Dig up some dirt, put on a shirt buy her some skirts
But look like a regular guy don't go berserk
You whole