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(Scatting by Scatman John)
Everybody party down to Louisiana
Everybody jam (yeh)
Everybody come and take a ride with me
(Scatting by Scatman John)
What you want.
I said look man, I'm John Lee Hooker, I sing the blues. 
They said the President don't have time for the blues. 
I said look
the missing you blues
And my eyes ain't crying for you

All those wasted nights I've sat and cried
Waiting for you knowing that you wouldn't come by
I look
Girls today don't wear no bras 

Little John Doe got a ho turnin' tricks in the bars 

Grandma carries a can of mace 

And she'll stick
lord it seemed like a mile
And called 9-1-1 which we keep on speed dial
In a matter of minutes out the window appeared
Flashing blue lights
After my shows it's a lonely road
So I sit up all by myself trying to cleanse my soul
Nobody's looking at me anyway
Just give me one good time
losing his voice and no...(activator 
spraying sound) 
To make my hair look moist 
Just a sack of pommel that I got from John Dale 
'cause this is how
y'all, while you hope the don fall
But I'll come inside the tunnel, nigga, wit pope john paul
Yo, them niggas on the wall frontin', they ain't no harm