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Some boy gets the milk fed suburban blues
Reaches for the available arsenal
And saunters off to make the news

And the women in the middle
my blues
I was a big boy up 'til then
Aha, aha

I wanna be rich and famous
I wanna be just the same as
The stars that shine on the Christmas tree
find the source of the big lie

That you and I both know so well, by the time it takes this cultural
Death wish to run it's course, they're gonna to make
High above Manhattan town
What floats and has a shape like that
Fans like us who watch the skies
We know it's Morph the Cat

Gliding like a big
like Christmas bells

And rapping up like pipes and drums
Oh, won't you stay, we'll put on a day and we'll wear it till the night comes
Woke up big
an old rag
It ain't nine to five
Down and dirty he's an old tramp
He poses like a dead man
The night train passes by Money's not the answer for princes
Don't the old blue heaven
Look a lot like your eyes
When you're blinded by the brightness
Of the Transvaal sky
as cold as my wrist is
If you know my pops, 
Then you know I'm 'bout the business! (business!)
Smoke big trees! (big trees!) Christmas! (Christmas
only got a thing for young bitches with aggression
Show me that affection that a D-Boy craves
Rich forever in my D-Boy ways
So dope, blue jeans, new J's
only got a thing for young bitches with aggression
Show me that affection that a D-Boy craves
Rich forever in my D-Boy ways
So dope, blue jeans, new J's
so watched by these rich boxes
So why should I lose all my rich sponsors
I'm gone then you suddenly hip hoppin'
Shit, sip the gin then I'm in the wind
all the rest
But mama my intentions were the best

A little boy with big blue eyes a-beggin' to go fishing
I promised him but never took the time
The big problem is the main attraction
Dominoes are falling in a chain reaction
The scraping subject ruled by fear told me
Whiskey works better
can't even drink it
Well, maybe by Christmas they'll dig up the roads
Take whatever you can, girl
Leave the rest for the crows
Leave the rest for
with us and take a ride
Somewhere in the big blue sky
Before it's too late, it's too late, it's too late

Hope you find it baby
What you're looking
had a sugar rump,
Sugar by the pound
Great big bowl to stir it in
Pretty gal to hand it around

Don't get weary, don't get weary children
Khaleesi's dragon's big enough to take control
Rich as Vince MacMahon, your bitch look like Triple H
Keep that pussy on lock, put it in a safe
All my chains
of sixes, Christmas money
Vicious consolidated drama rip bitches
The rich version of black, skyscraper paper
Wu belt makers, show & prove that all my shit
and told me to take my mind off that weed
Now by the third day of Christmas, my big homeboy gave to me
A whole lot of everything, and it wasn't nuthin' but
Rich, black, two big guns and no coof
Things at the label, well they tend to get unstable
And that pretty much leave Malice at the table
Or over
(5) Only strong will survive
(4) Cause we live by the sword
(3) Plus sixty degrees
(2) For the black and the blue
(1) For the sun.. step into
the rich
Five, only strong will survive
Four, 'cause we live by the sword
Three, plus sixty degrees
Two, for the black and the blue
One, for the sun..
tuned into Blue
"Maybe Amsterdam or Rome"

Awakened by a stewardess,
With Spain somewhere below.
On the threshold of adventure,
God I do love this
Propped my eyes open with some chemistry 
I've got a three hour drive and a man to see 
The blue bruised sky is closing in 
Cover up well because
Shake them niggas
Scary hours no money out, smash the Guinness Stout
Play the outfield, Lucille, switched cracks on shields
She's a rich fiend,