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by the balls
Or bathe in fear
Voices you can't really hear
It comes testing of your will
Is your spirit made of steel

The fragility of time
straight into your mouth.
Or you could beat yourself for all the things you did an' didn't do.
Or let life pass you by wishin' the sky was green instead
Record shops, the stick-ball fields
My home away from home
When we weren't together
The hours on the phone

I'll always remember
Those were the best
hours every day now

You cannot breathe
No time for yourself
What if your paperwork caught on fire?
Wasting away, blink of an age
Tie is on tight,
Got kinda high and uhh kinda drunk
Beer drinkin beer beer drinkin eight ball

[Chorus: x4]
Got kinda high and uhh kinda drunk
Beer drinkin beer
the rent

Life spent draggin' a ball and chain
Locked in never able to get away

Forget everything you've been told
You're a dog on the leash
and they fly
I don't wanna get hurt, so just skip hello
And go straight to goodbye
Where do the years go
You blink an eye and they fly by
I don't wanna get
Summer's comin' in, and it's goin' outa style.
Well lite up smokin' buddy, have yourself a ball.
Cause your mother's down in Memphis, won't be back 'till
on the brain
So you chill by yourself don't really sweat nobody
Speak to all the brothers and say peace to every hottie
But lurking in the ghetto is a germ
above you?
It's time for you and me to play

Come on give yourself away
Don't care what you say
It's time for you and me to play 
You've got some balls (and you keep them well protected by your friends).
Soon come the day when you can hide no more.
There will be an end to all
Such most sayin it's a wonderful world
But you make it it's up to you

Let yourself fly, let yourself cry
And years will disappear in a blink
African American accident in a miracle
See who am I supposed to be here
Somehow I got the lyricism
Make my circles in blink off
Like my boy take
the mentals 
First saw Big Daddy at the place called Union Square 
If you went in by yourself, it was a terror 
See, I could do that 'cause my crew is kinda
by Q, why'knawmsayin?
Vocals by Rasheeda, fly beat by QDIII
And flows by the M-A-see why'all, Mr. M-A-see Mall

Starry night, your life
You gave
The ball done dropped, guess you can say the new year's legal (yep)
Shit my resolution was (what)
Do everything I been doing, better than I usually does
Annie, I owe you a dance.

Don't the years fly by in the blink of an eye,
Yeah loves, I've had a few.
I've been a million places and I've seen a million
dudes should offer forgiveness

'cause frontin' like you ill gets yourself torchered by killers

in Newyork I'm the realest

predicted by fortune
You got to hide your soul away
Put it in the woods save it for the grave
You can't expose yourself that way
Put it under lock, lock it from
your glory fade?
Can you taste it on your lip as you turn your head and walk away?

You swore you'd never let yourself believe
There was anything out
Sail away where no ball and chain
Can keep us from the roarin' waves
Together undivided but forever we'll be free
So sail away aboard our rig
away ain't  got no protection
You brought this on yourself this is the end of the road
Ain't shit you can say you just gotta take it
You live by
what you want
Then it gets swept away,
By the big companies and ...?... monopolies
Or our government that picks on is people on the streets
We need
Do you ever feel like, gettin' high?
Do you ever feel like, leavin' this world?
Uhh do you ever feel like, you ball by yourself?
Do you ever feel
passed me by, I found myself
A veil has been pulled away and things look big today

it's like a riddle designed to make you feel little
And lost