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at me 
Pull your panties to the side 

I know this girl with boots on she's turned on by wearin G strings 
She likes her thongs with my fingers all
(get back on Kelis)
Oh yeah Kalis, this is what I want you to do
Get on your knees, face me,
I got a milkshake for you and its tasty
Just like your
at the airport I'm at the MGM 
Smoke Swisher Sweets and Zigs and Zags 
Drinkin Brandy straight out a tall ass glass 
They call em Maurice's I'm wit E 40 
off in these streets
UFC front seats
No salmon man, we feast


Let's get whatever you drinkin' and drink it by the case
Then let me pound
Enemies enterin' in the ring back off
We pop up whenever we get that call
Ain't nobody gonna body me, no man
I'm takin' the bull by the horn
you a call
So tell all ya friends let's do it again
And again, and again, and again

[Chorus: x2]

[Tre' Little (Pharrell)]
Without a doubt
fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you

[Hook x2]

[Too $hort]
Well pour me some Bombay and fire up that bomb
It's about time somebody checked you, you
like, 'Goddamn!'
be	-A-double L-one E-one are
Two houses, one jeep, one car

Pharrell Williams]
To the sunlight
We can get down, baby, we
but, if it add up
One, two, nigga that's mad nuts
Game you mad nuts, how you gon' call out all these
Bitches knowin' damn well they gon' call me
The only
(You scared)
Well nigga fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you

[Hook x2]
[Too $hort]
Well pour me some Bombay and fire up that bomb
It's about
should make it Pay-Per-View

[Chorus: 2]
Time to close the curtains
I only take requests from you
Just tell me what you want me to do
I promise you,
Verse One: Tash 

I knew this nigga by the name of Captain Hook 

Who had a record deal but no lyrics in his book 

But everywhere you looked
my wallet
It's been here a dozen years I know
I used to call it up when I was lonely
Oh that woman sure could love me so
I know by now she's
Don't compare to you 

So I wanna know something 
Can you and me go out on the weekend 
Babygirl you leave me speechless 
Wake me up 'cause I

[Hook - Part 1]

[Verse 2 - Antonio Twice Thou]
Twist the Philly up
Nigga, what's really up (wassup)
Feel me, throw ya nine-milli up (BOW!)
Guns - get
We got London on da Track
Drop top, wop
If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you

Cartier frames, call me four eyes
Still can cook
a bag
Take it to the hood, I bet it go fast

[Hook - 2x]

I take razors to the plate, chop up the yay
Till they call the corner store,
out every weekend!
(He hit me all the time my phone be ringing off the hook like)
We just two love birds that's why we always tweetin'!

He hit me
[Hook 1]
What you all about
(?) call out
Knock'em all out
Real niggaz pull your mouth out
Punch your grill in
How you feelin this is our house
[Verse 1:]
Yeah I caught you peekin'by the corner of my eye. 
Me I'm never sleepin' bet you think I'm fly. I'm tryin' to take
A girl home tonight
We could get clink claks and thousand suits
Lizard boots, a ring or two
How you move to the blue, how you call us crew
Fool, be cool what's cool, you
(How) does your body move and make me grab your hand
And find out your name

Ah, my lady
Wanna know what you eat, what you speak, wanna know your
of flavors, my kick game is major 
More kicks than the players, call me up I'm scorin' 
Hit it like a free throw, tongue out like I'm Jordan 
Smiley, Miley,
Smoke In Ya Club, Call The Coppers 
Let Em Come 
Miami, Trey 0 Five 
We Cop It Out The Bro House (Fo Shizzy) 
A Generator, So The Lights Don't Go Out
flippin brick houses,we call it real estate
5 thousand by the pound get ya curb serviced
sell a lot of grass like i got a lawn service