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To label wrong or right by the people's sight
Is like going to a loser to ask advice
And by basing your plans
On another man's way of living life
beloved from a region undiscovered
I've been hovered over by black buzzard walkin' through public
Imagine the feelin' of growin' up, ten children

Opaque, black light haunted by the flash
The Lotus grows where the roses pass
No light, no dark, no bad, no good
You can't see through
Wake the dead when we perform
We'll weigh more bodies and dead by dawn
Ill child, Black label Society
We Zakk Wyld on you bitches so live in fear
blessed, you know what I'm sayin'?"
If I had that opportunity, you know what I'm sayin'?
Maybach Music
Black Metaphor

I grew up on that Cash Money
to call my home
9th grade trial by jury only 16 years old
Found not guilty back in '93 victim of society
Hatred and mass murder thoughts inside of me
Harassed by thugs, on the corners they would hang
I got banged on
I got beat down
Carrying a golf club, walking up the street now
They respect me
[ Brother J ]
Descending from the tribes of Africa
Inspired by the great black leaders

[ Professor X ]
This is protected
By the Red,
There go a vampire hung with a 9 millameter.
Are souls are blessed by Mary ? and St. Peter.
It'll be the place, but I call it the host.
Am I dead
to our casino, 'cause you and me know
Hundred percent like a c-note
Lookin' for a bitch that's half-black and Filipino
And when I meet her I'ma offer
the Timberlands in November
Shorty called me Santa in December
But guess what, my Wally's got messed up
Autograph pressed up what, blessed enough to blow your
plans witnessed a man die
Was only fifteen, should have been a beauty queen, still
See her crying by the caskets when her parents got killed
Was only fifteen should've been a beauty queen
See here cryin' by the caskets when her parents got killed
Little girl don't cry
'Cause even though
individual criminal tactics
Us blacks kids born with birth defects, we hyperactive
Mentally sex-crazed dysfunctional they describe us
They liars, the end
threats given by clowns
I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns
I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first
I thought I was abnormal cause I
the society for scientific exploration
Color is vibration, vibration is sound
Sound resonates through the mouth check it out
What I say vibrates no less than 9
Do you think it is by accident that everytime
a black leader appears on the horizon
with any kind of cleverness, or charisma he's cut
was a wild adolescent  blessed with the foul essence 
Messin around with the wrong crowd  I learned my lesson 
Stressin all the things that I have not
make a deal off of blood money
Make an album off the drug money
Take the label money and launder it under the table money
And open businesses
regardless, my guess
They die for freedom, and they dyin' for martyrs, they blessed
But some share needles in the pissy apartments, obsessed
By thoughts
and then
I sort of fell in to my own
Kind of felt at home when behind a microphone
But on the bus ride home, that didn't mean a thing
Harassed by thugs,
and even lasting a year
Yeah I made my mistakes, yeah I paid my dues
Hated by blacks, made enemies with jews
I was 7 years ahead of my time in '92
I said
call me!"
I send mothafucka's airtime
By my fuckin' stressed life
Me a little blessed life
Mama I don't lose
Betta' luck next time
Sucka's step
said Freddie Foxxx is here
I been waitin' it, doin' it, sayin' it
Rollin by my motherfuckin' self with my burner cocked slayin' it
And I ain't seen
Hope that you can learn this and one day sing along

A clearly cut case co-opted by The Coup
An expose of foul play against me and you
Sing it