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Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me
I will bless His holy name
Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me
I will bless His
Who truly loves me

Thank you Jesus
No matter what may come our way
Let's praise His name
Glory to you
I will bless Your holy
Billy, the bum lived by the thumb
And sang of the hobo's delight
He'd prove he could run
Twice as fast as the sun
By losing his shadow at night
fear no evil 'cause You were there with me
Oh Lord, I bless You

Hear me say, praise Your name
I will honor You, I will glorify, magnify
Your name, Your
untouched by the last of the three
Just God's Holy Bible would interest Harold Dee
But he'd read it and recite it in his study for days
Without eating
lift you up high (they all belong to You)
He deserves it to be up there, come on and let's bless his name, come on and let's bless his name (blessings
And unto certain shepherds brought tidings of the same
How that in Bethlehem was born the son of god by name

"Fear not, then," said the angel, "Let
which says "God Bless All Here"

His guitar sounds like a wardrobe, and it's out of tune at that
His singin' voice it ranges from a sharp to a flat

This verse was intended for a gospel rapper that we all admire
And he goes by the name of Da T.R.U.T.H.
All we wanted was a righteous man
He ain't B.I.G. and I ain't 'Pac we just eatin' off rap
One love


[Just Blaze]
It ain't over, Ladies and gentleman, I go by the name

God had called me and then stopped by
And he told me you're gonna die
Unless you buy my holy water
Check, cash, or a money order
This is true,
cent on Loud 
Slang lord  applaud  forty eight up on the board 
Holdin the stainless plain sword witcha name on it 
Lord, burn em, ninety-eight
heavenly trees
Tell them my name is Bryon, it's my lady she Eve
Do you believe, well it's awfully good cause we got God
Aiyyo bless Joe, as I get on my job
on your gut
Nigga, freeze, like you just done sniffed a oz.
Nobody move, not even slowly, you niggas know me
If I bless you, mean I gotta leave you holy
This is my life and many come and go like one night stands
I treat live jams like a sermons and in my mic hand
A holy get them with ya bless ya
Shit you
but I still want mo'
Tde generals, she ain't spiritual but she still want Soul
God bless, God body, no fear in nobody, no thing
Can I proceed? Collect