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of dark feeling 
Still stopping from the fall 
An existence to some 
From four to three to only one 
My finger tips are bleeding
If I ever ever did stray
Would you come back, come back to me?
But you can't call a dog home
No, you can't call a dog home if you don't know it's
every line 
There's a rug with bleeding dye under the fan in the room 
Where the passions burning high by the chair 
With the leopard skin under
the shore is calling out
So I will marry, built a home
And see what that's about

Children came by the dozens then
Drifting south like rain
I worked
The girl from the canyon smiled a smile that brought me home 
As sick and bleeding as I was she took me on her own 
Brought me to the canyon where
Show me the way (x3)
The way to go home

Jesus hung from the cross and He cried (x3)
He cried oh, oh, oh
Show them the way (x3)
The way to go
of me legs!"
Wife just smiled at her husband
Three, six, nine, he drank wine
He got hooked by a stitch in time
She broke, he got choked, and they
comfort there 

In a-laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was home 
Going home 
Where the New York City winters aren't a-bleeding me 
Bleeding me
monkey in a dress
Tell me who can arrest
A mind ensnared by love?
(Baby, I'm wounded
Wounded and bleeding
Won't you ease my pain?
Hey baby
Hey baby
The Kingdom of God is at hand
He lives in you and me
Oh the Lamb has set us free
By the power of His grace
Only He reserves a place
For each and everyone
of ...
Pleasure is bleeding to smoother the words
The four walls drain me dry
Of all imagination
Crying out to be told to stand still
Crying out to be told
I know they can play
'Cause I remember

Three Lions on a shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
Thirty years of hurt
Never stopped me dreaming

open wound 
I never needed to leave 
To find out what makes me tick 
I arrived by default 
My arms three grand long 
But not elastic enough 
To care for
And then they leave me bleeding
Family dead, just freaking out bleeding
Stoned in the gutter
Empty of my colour
I'm fried, fried, ticking in the side
right ma
As child of the sixties
All along the watchtower
I can't bet they gonna miss me

I'm only bleeding
Every grain in me
Fans if not for you
There be
The keen yellow planet
Bleeding out into the night
Hidden ocean of longing
Now tell me that this is right
Intoxicated by stars
Very far away from
Come all you wild young men and a warning take by me
Never lead your single life astray or into bad company
As I myself have done, being all in
laying out my winter clothes 
And wishing I was gone, 
Going home 
Where the New York City winters 
Aren't bleeding me, 
Leading me, 
Going home
by me
Back to the old days
Close to home
Show me some new ways
I'll carry on

Whether making out or played out
Three and nine make twelve
as the troops were before me
Relentless attack as my eyes started bleeding,
Get razed to the ground by the soaring

It's time, you better be leading me home
winter clothes
And wishing I was gone
Going home
Where the New York City winters
Aren't bleeding me,
Leading me,
Going home.

In the clearing
Going home
Where the New York city winters
Aren't bleeding me
Leading me
Going home

In the clearing stands a boxer
And a fighter by his trade
of dawn discovered by ungrateful eyes,
Through 5-3 eyes

Schoolyard freaks are bleeding, down getting kicked again
I can taste the earth and feel it in
I'm laying out my winter clothes 
And wishing I was gone, 
Going home 
Where the New York City winters 
Aren't bleeding me, 
Leading me, 

Any notion of self-government
Was left by love bleeding
On the pitcher's mound.
(So you say you're scaring me)
Scaring me.