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drives a Chevy
Mine's "Mean Green", his is "Black Betty"
Yes, we're southern by birth, we're southern by choice
One nation under God, yes, I'm southern
painted gunmetal black
Face masking, hard-shelled ebony propeller hat
Clubmans, gloved rakes grappling the clutch span
Tuck go the steel toe, metal gate
Or say no more. Black stars can come and get me
Take it from Oprah Winfrey
Tell her she right on time
Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest Negus
it's corporate thuggin
Wear the mask, up in all black, you bitches rather be proactive
Talked to Charlie Mack he said I got the city on my back
pockets on humongo
Philosophical drama and wildin known as the Congo
Africana, Black as Ghana, be my attire
Mary water, marijuana that stick to get
America is all out of order
You gotta pay just to get good drinkin water
They goin bucknuts and I ain't tryina hear it
The end ain't near, it's here
I stay