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have one or two chains, we need three of dem
Can't have one or two guns without squeezin 'em
On our own people and, f*** black leaders

'Cause whites
to you like it did to me, I was a black zombie


Wake up! Black zombies in a spell for more than fo'-hundred years
Ghetto niggas won't

This isn't really me
i try to hide my colours
they've been turned to black and white
by so many others

There's nothing wrong
The archbishop run from the Knox
A Chris biscuit plus play the heart, wrists glisten
Goon captain, catch me in Africa black down with 4 5
And now that there's nothing left
Just a hole above our heads
Letting the sunshine in
That's how the end begins
With a forest fire

The black cloud
the salamanders showing
Of the "touch of evil" tinted black and white
Seventeen fat ripe rats hold stacks of juniper pie aloft
Thirty-four clever rat hands are
Slained by the hands of the blacks

[ Big Daddy Kane ]
Ooh, the topic of brothers gettin scared
But who can relate it, debate it, eliminate it or escape
Felicity burned by the red hot
Fiery coals of desire
The white hot sun burning
Like the eye of God watching
The sharp knife in the mind
Kills the devil
Without You here my world is black and white
Like a show without a stage
Like a storm without the rain
You are the one I can't replace
Need You by
by ODB
They say dirt and sunshine make the flowers grow
I say, fuck a bitch raw and drive your nut on the floor
Call it what you want,
just stole
It's the same old routine, but it never gets old
And ya might catch a cab if you live on the right block
From Black Pearl to White Top yo they
brother, you will discover the light 
Some say that God is Black and the Devil's White 
Well, the Devil is wrong and God is what's right 
I fight, with

Emancipation, castration, mass-hating, white washing
Black shaving patience, that I'm demonstrating, ugh
Segregation, separation, take my
of California hip hop
Where you can pop, lock, or you can get shot
Black, white, latin, asian, living in this melting pot
Throw up your W and it don't stop
canteloupe little old maid
A big black berry inside the cool-aid
A bass guitar a old fruit jar 
A green canteen and a chocolate bar
Cannonball baby doll
black and white
I try to scream but no sound escapes, migraines
I shapeshift, I exist, she doesn't remain
Her name's etched in the walls of my nightmares
that, I drove with them thugs and them gunshots
My mama had no choice was surrounded by crack spots
(I love you, ma)
These canaries and black rocks,
Black chick white guy
Does it mean shit maybe
I don't know but yo it never phased me
But either way here's one tail

Of two like that and what
white wranglers on the scene
We was youngsters, 80's babies getting in shit
Stolen cars, fell from monkey bars, flippin' and shit
Little thieves fresh
They say krill white boy when the sound strange
Don't secure we been on 'em gotta hide my chain
A lot of rappers crying never seen the dime that
on they mental
Simple but probably not, fuck 'em

I'm tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck
Drunk white girls the only way I'll get my dick sucked
Black chick white guy, does it mean shit, maybe?
I don't know but yo, it never fazed me
But either way here's one tale
Of two like that and what
thorough, gutter MC
White ball, puerto rock, black all fuck with me
Get your brain right, you versus me, we're not the same type
Money over dumb shit,
up! He's still the type of boy who makes a comeback
Kill the white noise til the sun's black
Moonwalk around New York City and get murdered
By flocks
on they mental
Simple but probably not, fuck 'em

I'm tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck
Drunk white girls the only way I'll get my dick sucked