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Submerged in filth and excess bile
My life has become terminal
Black, white, memories fade
Into a pool of murky gray
Sky unfolds and it steals
Cold incards used for torture
Prey sought by a twisted beast
Pray to hell no one survives
Black blood horror
Normalcy won't return
Guts of the dead
Winds whistle
Frosty trees
Gloomy darkness
It drains the light
World of chaos
Corpses of carnage
It is snowing
Black snow from the sky
Sanguinary disinterment
Necrobiotic rash
Gnawing, throbbing anguish
The gullet is now mashed
Pungent excruciation
Flesh mummified by lice
Nine footprints to evil
Hooves crack on petrified soil
Coming forth from the abyss
Lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
sweet lullaby through
A black and hollowed ribcage
I'm to die in battle divine with the flames as my grave
This realm of inhuman carnage
the storm.

Black cloud of arrows, red storm of swords,
Dark wave of carnage... slaughterfall!

By blood and steel I rule!
smoke clears 
I'll be on my way to buy a couple of beers 
And if your black, you get knocked quick by beastly mallet 
I chop up poor punks like salad 
I kill to create again
Though I never stopped the carnage
Rotten core 

Drenched bodies disease
From massive loss of blood
Descend upon the black night with deadly intentions
No light's left in the eyes of these expired henchmen
Beckoned back unto the earth from their
my head up to the sky
Look for a sign it helps me by
My hope remains
One day I will erase

A black symphony
When darkness steals the light from
Sadistic soldiers of the rising sun
1937's when the rape had begun
The ancient city fell under imperial rule
By an engine of war and lust, savage
For every song we leave before
Until the morning thief
Steals the humming of the Lord

And the black

Is it all bad news?
kingdom will shive by fire.

The flag of hate, sons of perdition we arise us.
black souls against god's concept to slay you all.
In the forest
unending doors,
Eating restaurants, and barbershops, and hardware stores.
With catch phrases and jingles stealing,
Steal and concrete lies,
The corridors
claws in his own breast
Eyes so black as night
A red blazed aperture let see
Thee blood filled beating heart

He is an impetuous thundered god
I kill in my black tee
I steal in my black tee
I'm real so I gotta keep it trill in my black tee

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
You can catch me all
tell us what's happening out there. Are you safe?" [Wayne Gayle:] "What? This is Wayne Gayle resuming live from Batongaville, where you can tell by
Broken loyalty to life after death

These dark thoughts of this revival
Answered by the prayers of this carnage
Confusion caused in the spread
the layers of decay with vicious rancor and bitter scorn
To get at the cold, dead heart of the matter which we bring forth to
Carnage canonized
In health
Shooting up the stealth 
Wrath and desire of the ancients

Carnage, be done that lit the sun
Behold the black star rising

"Wraith-Legions rise, Black Lords of Death and Force Divine
I call thee forth from Hades by the Wicked Sign !
The Treasures gleam, (and as foretold in
which compel a man to destiny,
Haunted by the whispers of the dead.

Blood is black in the moonlight
As it was when I pierced the heart of my
Okay, cool

Fat, black vulture
White head hung low
Chewin' dead meat
By the side of the road
His evil breath
Smells just like death
He takes
and the answer is you

You and I on that black sand shore
Watch the clouds roll by and the seagulls soar
And as the sun sinks gently lower .. color starts