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    I Know Him So
pray, asking for forgiveness for our sinful ways
With mind, body, spirit and faith
We pray

Yeah, you like that right? I wrote it myself by the way
I ain't gon' lie, you got me cryin' with a hard dick (amen)
How I love you so much that I hate this shit?
I get it get it, I (don't stop)
the sober you
The sober me be more nervous than Waka Flocka in the voting booth
We beef like being deep and dumping K's
You beef like Lady Gaga and her
These niggaz want to waste me it ain't nothing new to me
Soon as he walked by I was ready to bust
But he just posted up like he was waitin' on the bus
Slained by the hands of the blacks

[ Big Daddy Kane ]
Ooh, the topic of brothers gettin scared
But who can relate it, debate it, eliminate it or escape
America gone plastic 

And now there's Dylan dripping from his mouth 
He's hitching himself way down south 
To learn a little black and blues 
From old