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Written by Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent

Ooooh ya got busted
On a midnight ride
And now ya want justice
Well, just step inside

He's gonna
Presidential candidates can't debate over this instrumental.
Let 'em freestyle, winner takes all,
When the music?s dead, I'll have Ted Nugent?s head hangin'
bite the hand that feeds
Hurt, the heart that leads me
Trying so hard to explain
Feelings deep within me

I got my suspicions, I could never win
With one shot
And one bite
The walls collapsed with a terrible fright
Minute by minute
Day by day
I feel this place is crumblin' away

Hard Times
laughin' so hard?

Billy, does your bulldog bite?
I gotta see your sister tonight
I wanna kiss and hold her tight
So quit foolin' around
And tell me, Billy,
a rusty spoon as a mouthpiece
Life was hard cause the graves was my company
Hang with my problems just as trouble predicted
to cross the path, as I laugh
could break down your walls
Be the one you call, catch you when you fall
Brick by brick, I thought that we could build again
But now I know this is
Emotional rape

Hell fire scorched lungs
Come on, Come on, Come on
Pay close attention to this
Let me give you something good to eat

Bite down hard
Hard-boiled, son of a bitch
Scraping away on the down hill grind

It's a means to an end, a mean end for most
Death and domestication ends in
Atlanta, I get busy in the Braves home
I'm on your head, Ted Danson +Cheer'n+
You forgot Squad is Def, and we hard of hearin (WHAT?!)
The star vet got
Running to the fight
Stealing in the night
Like a dog to the bite
Everything in sight

Give me love, you say
There's a price you gotta pay
Aye groove the window down oh shit I'm getting high
Still I'm cool, no AC needed
Probly slidin down ya region off this Henney got me leanin'
round this open wide
Eyes bigger than your belly tonight
If you think you're hard take a bite

You push and push and push, pushed me to fight

A lady like that can come here and get
Somebody who knows what he's found
And every time you throw dirt on her
You lose a little ground

It's hard
Feel the bite, feel the bite, no-one wi" believe,
By your side, by your side,
Beware of shadows now,
Kiss your bride, kiss the bride,
Seal your
the Knife'

There's a tugboat down by the river don'tcha know
Where a cement bag's just a'droopin' on down
Oh that cement is just, it's there for
I never claimed to be hard, 
Tough, no homo, gangsta none of the above
Just a kid from 145th and Lennox Ave
Harlem, USA trying to make his
Very soon I will be in the deep blue sea
Wrapped in chicken wire by my own device

The navy'll come, the sharks will bite
It will be so hard to fight
down, down by the river dontcha know
Where a cement bag's just a'drooppin' on down
That cement's there, it's there for the weight, dear
Five'll get ya
down, down by the river dontcha know
Where a cement bag's just a'drooppin' on down
That cement's there, it's there for the weight, dear
Five'll get ya
play is hard
And many falls
Steel bites sharp in flesh
And upon a mountain
Towering tall
Stands the messengers of death

Five horsemen in armour
on playin' those hard-on games 
But, I've got more in my head

'Cause, in my mind this crazy boy is a runaway train
No one's gonna steal my soul
I bite
(Some cunt is bringin' up a load of fucki'n shithole streets hats)
Oi, oi, (?) down the day before the crafts the hats were bought by Warner staff

It's hard to bite my lip
But, I ain't saying a word
I give you all the rope to hang yourself
That you deserve
You might be ahead of me in her
The privateers are in plight, cornered by the fleet
The mariners are trying hard, their gallow-poles to feed
The pirate vessel's sailing fast, firing a round