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drink a fifth
Load the nine, leave you split, in the half, smoke a half, need a zip
My new girl is on Glee and shit, probably making more money than me
his chest up 
 The hollow tips ripped his vest up son is messed up 
 and blessed up; call my cast up it's time to dress up 
Ughh ughh yeah 
This is Beanie Seigel 
That Philly cat playin' wit that silly rap 
Put your weight up not your hate up niggas 
You know how you
gon give you fags a look
Bitch boy I'm gay bashin, consume my gun
I never hated fags till I got sued by one
My mental picture is paintin me something
your name and face
On the day you are judged by the funhouse cast
And I will rejoice in your fall from grace
With a cane to the sky, like, "None shall
girl is on Glee and shit
Probably making more money than me and shit
I swear to God I got 99 Problems but a bitch ain't one
I got 99 problems, getting
One day you opened up your eyes inside of you 
Inside a world inside a universe you didn’t get to choose
You didn’t get to pick the rules or pick
bitch don't play ( eat a ?)
My reflection is insanity that's all that I can see
that's all that I can really truly be (yeah)

Brought up in a world
What's Up ho?
  (bust down)
A brother I'm chillin' like, A you heard bout ya boy last week?
I seen him at that mall kissin' his bitch in the mouth

she be
why) 'cause I got her open (Alright)
That pussy soakin' (Uh)
Fuck is you promotin' (Uh)
Yea, you claim you rage, you hatin' like you live in Oakland
no dough, fo'sho'
You can be my best friend but Em might get mad
Don't call me Daddy bitch, I fuck better than your dad
Let me get up in that ass
Sickology 101 futuristic B-Boyz shit
Your first lesson given to you by (Mr. Smith!)
KC MO stand up, young niggas represent

Ey, ask me what I
on all the hoes, my niggas is over height
Shooting up your phantom night and call your shit the holy ghost
Mercy, lord would you please have mercy
the junkyard in the summer in the dumpster by the river
in the old house in the wood and in the neighborhood
you can try to make it up to me by the doorway where
pants is saggin' with 'bout 30 bands
Masquerade in New Orleans when I spotted Jasmine
Cedar pull up in Atlanta with Bizzy
That's bird winner business,
there was laughed at
But when I backtracked, (?)
Blast back

Told 'em to cast that, take these rounds and add that
But fact is you don't fuckin'
childlike creativity, purity and honesty
Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catchin' up with me
Takin' my inner child, I'm
Privacy glass
Down halfway, reflections cast
On office buildings as I pass
Bitch feeling some kind of way
Sitting right next to me thinking 'bout
in the dirt
You swear the bitch was planted
My lyrics motivate the planet
It's similar to Rhythm Nation
But thugged out, forgive me Janet
Who's in
own vault
My child-like creativity, purity and honesty 
Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts
Reality is catching up with me, taking my
creativity, purity and honesty 
Is honestly being prodded by these grown thoughts 
Reality is catchin' up with me 
Takin' my inner child, I'm fighting for
a twister
The setting is a sinister slum where sex ain't sacred
By thirteen she was pro-active and naked
Had a gift to give but she would tend a path not
Christ said those of you without sin, cast the first stone
Those of you without ends, blast the first chrome
Is it the prophecies of Deuteronomy
all them cat fights
Domestic violence (Is that right?)
But you love the dog
Gave me the spotlight
And now I'm growing up 
Showing up 
Blowing up
time flow
I live by the code, style is mad P.L.O.

My crew swarm in, tell a bitch please
Didn't mama tell you about the birds and the bees?