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some birds blue?
What is the taste of rain?
Why are some birds blue?
And why am I not with you?

Thursday's child has love to give
From a heart that's
on the record.

I'd written 'You really got me' as tribute to all those great blues people
I love: Leadbelly and Big Bill Broonzy. And Dave was playing the song
the pack?
We for shack ship, you know laugh it off
Years just blow by
My eyes stay fixed but the picture's kinda outta focus
I cry a lot but admit to it
Save children stuck in wells
Birds you cannot see

There are birds in the darkness
Seen by those with tumors
Circling common light bulbs
With blue
Call him, ship-to-shore, and reverse the charges.

Locate Melvin Belli
And tell Mel One-Eye Felli was scratched
By Princess Margaret's rose.
To fill the hole in your soul

You feel bad, let me tell you, we all get the blues
Sometimes life is a burden, weighed down in your shoes
When it's bad,
Whispering sweet nothings in your ear
Just like a dead bird sings
Look into my face again
Between us there's a mile
I can see a hole in the sky
As wide as your
To fill the hole in your soul

You feel bad, let me tell you, we all get the blues
Sometimes life is a burden, weighed down in your shoes
When it's bad,
baby, I got the wintertime blues

I could cut a hole in the floor
Catch you a fish by a quarter to four
But I'm stuck up this mountain where I got
Pretty Little Baby
Marvin Gaye
Written by: Clarence Paul/Marvin Gaye/Dave Hamilton

Darling, please stay, don't go away
(If you leave me)
Birds in the trees
And a song on the breeze
Blue River, why are you blue

Light of the Moon
And the starlight in view
Must they bring sadness
Sweet sick flavors,
Now who would die for love?

You can see by the look in my eyes,
That the devil takes his own.
See by these holes in my
might guess
Baby you can free me
All in the power of
Your sweet tenderness

I can see it in your eyes
You've got those bright baby blues
You don't see
of peace
This friend of mine said
"Close your eyes, and try a few of these"
I thought I flying like a bird
So far above my sorrow
But when I looked down
the Drum who was passing by
Bought the toy with a coin he'd picked up
You should have seen the gleam in his eye
As he saw a ?tune he's gleaned up? shined up
we get up swans
big bird in a small pond
our eyes are smiles
are fingers cold out 
our lips have frowns
our toes have mold

we the animals
Beetles and eggs and blues and pour a little everything else
You steam our unstable eyes and glass
Not get passed off through my bird lips as good
of peace
This friend of mine said
Close your eyes 
And try a few of these
I thought I was flying like a bird
So far above my sorrow
When I looked down
you turn your head Girls turn by ones, by twos
Notes pour bad and tender Eradicate your blues

The good world The good world
Come my one, look
Watched the smoke curl in the mist
Your eyes, blue as the ocean between us
Smiling at me

I awoke so cold and lonely
In a faraway place
The sun fell cold
One summer dream, one summer dream.

Bird on wing goes floating by, 
But there's a teardrop in his eye, 
One summer dream, one summer dream. 
As blue as her fingers.

The curve of her ass
Is unparalleled.
Heaven is harsh,
A fire ungrateful

Like the bird you hold in your palm.
Broken eyes
as the night
Set his mask free
Piercing eyes point towards the sea

A waiting white gull
So swift in flight
Flowing like the sea
Shadowed by his wing
Come here buttercup
Let me fill you up 
Can't you see I'm the blue in your skies 
You can tell by the stars in my eyes 
Dawn always comes too
come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of golden starlight in your eyes of blue

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around