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My pops told me son you gotta watch them haters
You could survive the game and bounce back but don't fuck with fakers

Maaan, I coulda been did
they can wipe you.
Firing Squad.
That's them niggas that don`t like you.


Everybody hit the floor, "aw shit not again", don't flinch.
Deuce click represent, red rag regiment
Red rope replicates, whips runt recreate
Rest won't recommend, refs don't let you win
Red Rider Warriors we
with Lazarus billy-goat whiskers
He roasted sea-salt in the open blisters
But blind anarchy slips through the cracks
See naked martyrs with Bubblelicious
out the bottle 
From the Bronx like Billy Blanco 
Fortin' high-on on the throttle 
My shit dates back like American Bandstands 
So ya'll niggas sit