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Razor blades and angry faces
Too much tension, too much fear
What the hell are we doing here

Murder is the biggest prize in sport
Cause violence is
No prize for congeniality
Never knew popularity
The ugly stick had wished
To one day become a swan

Always picked last for sports teams
Take me for a ride
In the biggest vehicle you 
Can ever possibly imagine
Get the keys, I want to take a spin
Let me in, let me in
Picture that,
Bitches got you hypnotized, see it in your damn eyes
Niggas out here kickin' doors lookin' for the grand prize
See, I'm just lookin' for the baddest bitch
of night is the gold of the blind)
Sister, the day your soul gives in
(You'll never find what you left behind)
Oh, oh, no matter what they do
Oh, oh, you
Maverick, always above and beyond average
Fuel to the flame that I train with and travel with
Something in my eyes says I'm so close to having the prize
The biggest highlight of the year is the Star Trek Convention
Our town's not big enough to sign up any stars
But we once met a red shirt who was phasered by
The blood spills, smeared on the walls of life.
Humanity ignoring these calls.

Murder so popular in these turbulent times.
Spectator sport
or to soak in
But to have an impact on direction that they go in
Grounded by the roots, hooked to the soil
Recognize the rumble that we're in, yeah it's
Rest in peace Wayne Bridges
You're still living through me

Look, I lost my father to the bottle
I'd hug him everyday like I might not see
Product sells, people die 
Same manipulation wrapped in lies 
Give a little money and play your rock and roll 
The biggest prizes to the biggest
I’m accustomed to getting fast dough
It takes that whole work by they asshole
Standing by the pool in a bath robe
Bullet in yo C’s or your afro
Agent of darkness, arm of a banned surgeon
Cellophane miracle, fish in his hand burning

Sport coats with dough in both chins
Rose colored hand
Bitch, y'all oughta see me at the state fair
Showin' off in front of my broad, tryin' to win my lil' nieces

One of the biggest stuffed animal prizes there
The Biggest niggas get beat Senseless by little women
Look at Sam Raw-stein, he gave his whole world to Ginger
Even these bosses be slippin', I
you gave her
Was an inch, she took her foot and kicked you in the ass with it
The famous story of Mike Tyson and Robbin Givens
The biggest niggas get
A bu-a-bucket full of acid by the do'
Just in case I gotta throw away my yole
Bars around the house, bars around the window
Dope around
get the cheddar
I keep it by the lever, sport my minks in cold weather
I'm well known, rockin icy jewel stones
They be shinin, like stars from
to court the game and judge you by your hung jury
And I don't sport a chain
Blame it on my ancestors
Brought to port of slaves while I failed to be
past slop almost crushed by a bus
Not lookin', in a rush, might have been a mascot for
I.H.O.P. as human slush, keep it lower than hush
The diploma for
and go 
(Music, sports, fashion, whatever) 
2 the place in everyone's future, the good life - one day we'll know 
(Consolidate, think ahead, and cream,
of doom, carve his name in the moon
stop his wife from reproducing when I mangle her womb
let the anger consume, my mind hang your platoon
for sport I leave
I'm like Bennett, I ain't in it
Go on with your reject rap attack
You'll get more from a prize in a Cracker Jack
And since Banks said he can't
Rhymes faster than a speeding bullet
Has more rhymes than a train has tracks
Able to leap sucker MC's in a single rhyme
Look, at the jam,