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the most, yo, Simon says
If your partner's face is in place with your taste
Then haste, you better push up, no time to waste
So if you're with it, you
passed me by.
Like Paul the visionary,
I see things in a different light.
For now I know what course to take.

Now at last I find a meaning in scenes
Life'll be so much better
When Ringo buys a rifle

Tried to keep his head level
Was possessed by the devil
Church is callin' Ringo's mom
Telling her Ringo's
I was traveling on, moving on the road to my Jehova.
It was the only thing I knew how to do.
She was banging and gone
She was banging and banging
of time spent at the mall Not a tragedy, but not exactly the Milky Way Looking for a bigger laugh, a better store, A cutter guy, a shorter working day,
than Jesus and bigger than wrestling
Bigger than the Beatles and bigger than breast implants
I'm gonna be the biggest thing to hit these little kids
the bandstand
Next time
I'll be bigger!
I'll be better than ever!
I'll be happily attached
To my cold hard cash!
But now Manhattan holds me
To a chair in

I don't know.

But it's better than having everybody that doesn't know thinkin' you're hardcore.

I asked Paul and he said it wouldn't.
Paul Wall, I'm the People's Champ
It ain't easy bein' the People's Champ
It's the new me, new me, new me, new me,
True, a lot of struggles I done
Just by a wave of my hand
Temptations: Oh, I...
Eddie: I can change anything
From old to new
Paul: The things I want to do the most,
Smiling bigger and wider than you ever knew how,
I'm in the good life now,
All by myself,
Getting better with every regret I allow,

I hear from your
amazes me (Me). How you've forgiven me (Yeah)
If I could take it back. I wouldn't have done those silly things 

(How do you do it) A much more bigger
of love before
I'm love with my foreign, yes I'm married to my dough...
I'm in love with my money

[Chamillionaire - Talking]
Yeah man, me and Paul
to the limit
Some thinks its so much energy
So call me miss heartbreak cause I know what I need.
Its bigger than love
Its better than trust
And you would
on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me
Ballin' bigger than LeBron
Bitch, give me your money
Who y'all think y'all frontin' on?
Bitch better have my
(Chorus)- (DJ Paul)

We up all night (we hip, we hip)
We high off that white
We smokin that weed (we hip, we hip)
Them eyes be tight
We drinkin
bigger's what I’m saying
I’m that nigga’s what I’m saying
Getting things done around here
How you let me run it down here
I’m not even from around here
Well the boy becomes a bigger boy and that bigger boy yearns to write
So his eyeballs take a good look at a new book every night
It's cover
it so.
You're better off without me, I won't lie
But you're what I need to get by, I need to get by
It's the only thing that been keeping me alive.
they'll remove your roof
Ya better spread when the ruger shoot
Paul Cane got fire, everything ya heard on Clue was the truth

It's like who want what what
Some say I got my eyes, where my hands can't reach
It's 'cuz I'm dreaming bigger, better!
But what do they know?
Got a million ways that I can
I remember when we had a lot of things to do 
Impressed by all the words we read
And the heroes that we knew.
Climb on your your dream, a dream
Better to be, bigger than the other
Heart on your sleeve and hat on your head
I want to see you playing with your shadow
Hypnotize me with every
Another birthday passed me by 
I think I finally see 
Its time to move out and move on 
To bigger and better things 
All the stars shine so
I remember when we had a lot of things to do 
Impressed by all the words we read 
And the heroes that we knew. 
Climb on your your dream, a dream