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one to help me
Nobody even cared
I had to got through hell
To get those things up there
I paid my first subscription
Then I joined the idle race
Playin' their little crappy love songs by the fire
I learned solos by ear
And never on a Squire
We avoid those
Cop the black Strat with a Floyd Rose
And as the snow is falling from the sky
All I want to do is cry
I got to get away from here
I gotta get away.....?

By tomorrow, I will be gone
By tomorrow,
big, it should be wearin' a Coogi
Imma need some friends
Tie dyed my lifestyle
Even bleached the pants
Next week Japan
Thom Browne bubble lens, I
Yeah is dis Mike on? Right

Lil shhh for the mc please (thank you) 

Ya way ain't step away now back away 
cause the only ting I be is heavy
Yeah is dis Mike on? Right

Lil shhh for the mc please (thank you) 

Ya way ain't step away now back away 
cause the only ting I be is heavy
and I'm just a youngsta deep in the sorrow
Nobody wants to die
And I'm trying to get away from the pain I'm never escapin the
Maybe I did to much to you you
Master MC 
One hundred skills if you ever try to fuck me 
Feet come first, sometimes not the head 
Some niggas eat, some don't get fed 
If you live by
of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
minute you're gone away

I fear my safety, I fear I'm bait, but I can't put my skills to waste
Because if you're living by the gun you surely will get

Grenville thought it was marvelous. "Don't you think so, Grenville?".
"Oh, every time they play 'You really got me' I get shivers up my spine".
"I think
or fall I stand tall you're small in fact
Step aside, you might get fried
By the super technique that the rapper applied
As a matter of fact, the impact
Throwing up blood. 
Fuck it Lay, let's sign our life away!

You see me
I ain't givin' up a motherfuckin' thang
It's hard to come by, and I ain't no
Mini-14 like bla'!
Empty out another magazine like bla'!
Let a young nigga get by!
I kill 'em all when they try to kill my vibe!
I am the bad,
Hey, hey, hey man
I strike the empire back
I strike the empire back
Fuck the Empire!
High flying like the millennium Falcon, piloted by Han Solo
piloted by Han Solo
I never roll for dolo, frontin on me's a no-no
Understand? Doin this for my family
Ha ha, check it out why'all

Yo I'm tryin
a scene
Scared to love and to feel
Judging everything
By loud fast rules appeal
Who played last night?
"I don't know, I forgot.
But diving off
fun, just give them one the boot

before we knew it, it was over fast
And New York City, was frozen by the blast
They say they'll take away the cap.
get out,
So I guess I gots to face it
All them dreams of having big things, I'm still gon' chase it

[Chorus: x4]

Here they come,
So I like to live my life like a big carnival
Get drunk, act like an animal
I like the rock'n rolll, the funk, the jazz and hip-hop
Suckers get
LOCO....I wan you to rip it up for 'em, mon!
Tell us what it's all it away from {?} bloodclots...
and do it for the westsyyyyde...

I do
"Fake big willies" get cuts of small bills
Insisting you players but won't get on the field
We can take this back to 89
I'll play my part like half
everyone gets royalties
And rock Parliment beats instead of Jel's tracks
Shit, if I ever gave a fuck, I gave it away a long time ago 
Only time will tell,
like a game
Ain't gonna give you no fame by callin out your name
Just explain how I do it and, lead by example
Stay away from repetition don't wanna