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He had his marketing plan worked up
He's gonna sell 'em all in big ol' jugs
He wouldn't package 'em in a 6 pack
He's gonna sell 'em by the pair
I drive a big freight liner, and I made my last payment today
And I drive to all points outta New York City to LA
Well, that little woman smiles
here on these old roads
All them ol' country boys
There's Kenny Rogers an' Charley Pride
Mel Tillis, Moe Bandy
Mickey Gilly, Boxcar Willie
what up Scram Jones
Mel-Man what's cracking
Whassup wit all these ol' punk ass hoes in here

Nigga what, I'm a hustling bitch
I like them get rich niggas

Mel-Man what's crackin'? 
What's up with all these ol' punk ass hoes in here?

[Ms. Roq]
Nigga WHUT??! I'm
tighter that a muthafucka got that swang
While Big J try to take a nigga straight to Beighjing
But I pass on the bud, I mash on the brew
Genuine Draft
(Chorus: Scratched by DJ Unknown)
Tired of the mother fucking jackin
Boys that be jackin
Tired of the motherfucking jackin
Police, want to front;
we roll em fat, dem big ol ball bats 
Oh yes, we call em that, I love to stack and ball dogg 
Don't you recall dogg the same boss that had dem bodies