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One More Parade
Phil Ochs
Written by Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson

Hup, two, three, four, marchin' down the street
Rollin' of the drums
it's only brick and stone
I love small towns and I love big crowds, I guess that's just how I roll
'Cause I'm surrounded by the people that I love
my girlfriend Jim, and Ian, and Aynsley, and Bob, and Frank... I mean, none of us...

Pleased to meet you...

Hi Howie

We never met a pop star from
over the mat
He lies, but only when there's a reason
Mentions life by the tragedy, the comedy, the season
Poor at handling and managing income
Got enough
a checkered double-knit suit drove up in a large El Dorado Cadillac, leased from BOB SPREEN...

("Where the freeways meet in Downey!")

...And he laid