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And a string of tiny twinkling lights
adorn the sausage tree.
While the embers from the log fire
Flicker, fly, and twirl
Then drift off toward
like a seven day old balloon dog
I still hang band posters and buy black-lights
Crib decorated like a dorm room at Brandeis
Still pretend I'm gonna
(One, two, three...)

There are those among us willing
To get by on anything
Hollow hope of what is coming
A lifetime dangled by a string
us like cigarettes, need a light, nigga?
Used to chastise or string us up to spite niggas
War to fight for the culture, instead we eaten by vultures
The light-skin with the nice trim
400 spokes riding the stroll by the white folks
The rare bones get the bare Jones
If it's the caddy, it's
low-key til it's time for you to know me
Stir my lime with light, drink it down slowly
Holy shit! Now look what I get
A whole string of party people want