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Spend the summertime naturally high
By chopping wood, the next one or five
Saving our money for the county fair
George Jones' supposed to be there
We got
Spend the summer time naturally high
By, chopping wood for next winters fire
Saving our money for the county fair
George Jones is supposed to be
self-improvement or philosophy
In a dumpster sitting by
The kitchen door
There's plenty leek and humble pie
Ain't too much ham on rye
Sometimes I wonder
committin homicides and drive-bys 

livin with ????? 

but still slanging that fuckin pie 

and got more bitches than you 

so what the fuck you
of the rich'll steal
In Hollywood and featherweight I step by step let it escalate
Till you get it, we'll tell you if I hit it
When you make pie if you don't
to get by like wow
Ash trip game near nigga like ah
This is moving up for that slice and the pie
In the hood you try to turn the back so good times
I fit
Stay humble, lookin in my eyes
don't need no yes men round me, I downsize
drama it don't stop, yellin don't pass go
and if they read another
of our stairs. 
Scented cathedral spire pointed down. 
We pray for souls in Kentish Town. 
A delicate hush the gods, floating by 
Wishing us well, pie
the digs. Yellow brick Zooka birthed the piss. I trust that every litigant will be his own worst pig. Thirst big, baby. I reckon y'all are a mess too, but
people, Mexicans, Muslims
I hate apple pie and the beach boys, but Big Oil I love em
I love forcing my religion on atheists that hate god
I hate killing
humble pie
So swallow my pride, you're lucky just to follow my ride
If I let you run alongside the Humvee
Unless you're Nicki, grab you by the wrist,