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First I Look at the Purse
by the J. Geils Band
Some fellas look at the eyes
Some fellas look at the nose
Some fellas look at the size
black to tan, heavy-metal rhythm from a one man band
Bust my knuckles in a junkyard scuffle
Whippin' adversaries with a brass belt buckle
Born in
Bobby's goin Digital 

Hoverin the city inside the Wonder Woman's invisible jet 

Clouded by the Meth we move undetected 

in secret society sects,
make that crack music (nigga!), uh
That real Black music (nigga!)
The only singles that I'm dropping are the ones
Flapping at the band of your white
I'm wishin' I'm the owner
Coming every night with a fistful of cheers
Come in by yo self, it's Kali you leavin' with
Know you got band, know you got
anybody that got a question?

[ man ]
Yo, hold up
I got a question, Kid 'N Play
How come y'all don't make records about the big brown booties?
What, y'all