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to downgrade
An impeccable arrangement
By the soft-rock renegades
And give me time to light
A sentimental torch tonight
I'm a big fan of the pigpen
to climb

Bombarded by multiple choices 24/7
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
Guided by subconscious voices, astute and sharpened

Then I commenced to do a tap dance on eggplant Parmesan before their eyes.
Guided by voices, whole bag of tricks. Raised by Druids and Horses.
eternal walk?
every time
we make a choice
We\'re guided by an inner voice
It\'s so sincere
But hard to hear
When my hesitance
and doubts interfere
won't quit

Can't tell 'em nothing, he grown, give the man room
Space was demanded, beat banging through the speaker
Voice, heat seek missile, guided
Pretty love songs, voices you remember
All the way on down to Coldwater Tennessee

The headline says "local man hits big time"
Just look
burning, from eight karats of sunlight
Absorbed, in the grill, Big Pun like
Lord of the Wu-Tang sword, know what that means?
Like J.R. Tolkien, it's
hoppin' out the fan's style ?
Whether fightin' or graffiti, got them hand styles
I'll wipe the floor up with your face like a ShamWow
Hands down, one
sleepwalked out of my apartment
And went berzerk?"

[Aesop Rock]
In slipped rhythm
Fed a cycle bound by dilemma-debting vendetta
Escaped briefly back to my
sick today
Big mistake
This resulted in a final pay check and pink slip ?
Replaced by my successor cause I missed my place
Knowin' that the Rhyme
cry (cry)
To know that you're gone 
Hold on to the memories
Not a day goes by I
Hear a voice saying dry those eyes
'Cause real niggas never die
He ran his wife Lerline in his place and she won
By a landslide He's most famous as the
Belligerent racist voice of the segregationist
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Last night I heard a voice say I'll be getting it my own way
I think I'm falling off the deep end so I haven't been sleepin'
Last night I heard
Sometimes I ask myself, is it really worth all that it comes with?
My main bitch overlooked my needs
'Cause she think my fans come with some kinda
What up Paul, what up Rasaq and Lew Hawk, what up Twin
Big Cat (What up Cham?), they say that you think that you tough man
Get on the mic and say
People, it's time for the Ice crush
So listen to my words I bring much
Sense, as I commence, my lyrics intense
Your telephoto, break out your big
Cheeba Cheeba La Mota Hah Ha... I got what you need ...

(Chorus: Pony Boy)
Cheeba Cheeba Ya'll Cheeba Cheeba Ya'll
I got the Yescas
rag, gag almost hack of a lung
Like you picked up an axe up and then swung
Stick to the core plan, drag to the back of a trunk
By one of your fans
with the patience of some prayin mantis
Those sink the subtle blow the bubble and we paint Atlantis
I grab my fan brush make my fans hush with my daily
the finest cuts of chicken from the big spinnin' stick
Then over flies a chick, flips, snips you on the back
You spin round on the attack, you play now
the old E chillin'
The box with the big beats and my boys started illin'
A hoop game started so I jump in
Had the hoods' toughest team so I just had
bitches out there but I grow weed plants
So every time I hit the blunt 
It's like I'm hitting that ass

And I'm Shaggy, throwing heads in the air by
They should put my voice on a ice cream van 
That way the streets want b bland 
Big headed no cough headed yes 
I must confess well I'm never gonna
They should put my voice on a ice cream van 
That way the streets want b bland 
Big headed no cough headed yes 
I must confess well I'm never gonna
(feat. Big Gee)

[Yung Joc]
What it is man (sup?)
Yung Joc, Block Entertainment
Yeah, you wan' know somethin? (What'chu wanna know nigga?)