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Say Lil One
(Lil Wayne)
One what's happenin' with you big dog
Look I need to talk bout some serious shit
(Lil Wayne)
meet tha devil
Lil boyz don't know they playin' with rainy weather
Fuckin' with my cheddar
B.G., Wayne, Juvie, Big Tymers, whatever
But, however, if
[Lil Wayne])
I don't think you realize what's happenin', dog
That lil' boy's 'bout to come 'round here blastin' at y'all
If you don't get the hell when
like me)
Big Tymer representin', nigga - the U.P.T.

[Hook (Baby + Lil' Wayne)]
[Baby] I'ma a hard stun'n nigga like Evil Knievel
[Wayne] Jumpin'
claiming that they pregnant, want to be his ol' lady? 

[Lil' Wayne] 
Uh, uh...what kinda nigga be sparkling like silver? 
Lil' bitty soldier
claiming that they pregnant, want to be his ol' lady? 

[Lil' Wayne] 
Uh, uh...what kinda nigga be sparkling like silver? 
Lil' bitty soldier
everything and kill 'em all
Young or old, nigga, big or small
Ain't nothin' nice

(Hook [Lil Wayne])
Ain't nothin' nice around here, stupid
Keep playin', you
[Lil Wayne]
I'm a young playa nigga, (what)
I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what)
Who else? (Speak on it) On the real nigga,
my residence
Ain't got on no suits 'cause we ain't tryin' to be presidents

(Hook2x [Lil' Wayne + Baby])
[Lil' Wayne]
Nigga, we done moved more
what? Takin' me for a joke, and watch me hurt cha
Boys there, they be commercial, I beat 'em 'til they purple
I'm a lil' bitty nigga, but I got a big
Um Wayne's World
I'm the cashier I change girls
You can go up my crane girl
And I'm a go down that drain girl
Hey ah midnight cowboy
My flow's
name when the music stop
Young money Lil' Wayne
Then the music drop
I make it snow
I make it flurry
I make it out alright tomorrow don't worry
of remind me of me 
Man lil one a G 
Lil one runnin with the big boys 
Lil one fuckin these hoes 
Lil one got some of these old niggas rolled 
Lil one
[Lil Wayne]
What what what 
I'ma flosser baby 
Baller baby 
A fifteen year old shot caller baby 
I'm raised in the hood 
In a all black call 
Weezy, fresh, and unplugged

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Give me a big fine bitch in a dress
One put them lips in effect
Suck the dick 'til the shit in her
[Lil Wayne]
They call me gangsta gangsta
Weezy, Weezy
Lil Birdman junior
Holla at ya nigga
I fuck around and throw a bottle at you nigga
I'ma big
big things
If you know what I mean 
If his status ain't hood
I ain't checkin' for him
Betta be street if he looking at me 
I need a soldier
So darlin' don't go breakin' my heart (Don't go breakin' my heart)

[Lil Wayne (R&B Sample)]
Yeah! She say she love me won't leave me won't
thought it started snowin'
See I'm a keep it goin', Big Tymin, you heard's me?
Dog I got cake like everyday my birthday
Wait, don't think they heard me
Remy and weed
Somebody not afraid
To go some for my Escalade

[Lil Wayne]
I'm just pimping
Baby you got a rule for me
Put your mink on and slide
and drank Cris'
(Shine) - My life is the shit

[Lil Wayne]
And the name be fire Wayne, ice and change
You can catch me in an aqua range, squattin things
I ain't got bricks dog, nigga break it off, what

Un huh, B.I.G. with the Cash Money Millionaires, forever
Juvenile, Lil' Wayne, Baby, Turk, B.G.,
Life trap get crossed up by them dog hoes 
Like shit get masked out over dog hoes 
Really doe 
Bullet holes be so big 
Innocent bystanders get
tryna see me 
Im Full Of Dat Shit
[Lil Boosie] Im in da room wit sumthin nasty big fine and sassy on top dat girl be actin she even call me daddy I hit
Who that said they goin' beat Lil Wayne
My name ain't Bic but I keep that flame man
Who that one that do that boy ya knew that true the Swallow