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The air is charged with fear
The shadow of his nearness
Weighs like iron tears

Shreds of black cloud loom in overcast skies. The Necromancer
Evanescent figures walk by my side
As I silently cross the borders of night
Their voices gently push me through a solid prism of noise

I hear them
Those big black diamonds that lie there for me. 
By the tall white mountains which lie by the sea. 

And you a man who's as tall as the sky 
the smoke stack 
Put the gas hole in make em all smokey

Cups in the sky everytime I ride by.
All the girls wanna ride,
Go ahead and climb inside.
We were blinded by love's light
Couldn't see nothin', everythin' was so bright
The wind blew in some dark cloudy skies
This ain't rain fallin' from
mother won't know that you do a bit of crime
Your father's on the dole and he really hasn't got the time

In the big city, where it's hard to see the sky
ain't never seen a Carolina sky where I didn't have to do it again.
Theres a big heart of gold.

That black moon shine'n on the river.
That black moon
And the flames will fly
Two thousand years of fury in the big black sky
The wind will blow
And the rain will fall
Are we waiting for the thunder
Or will
the plague was brought by Hattie
There was talk of a hangin' too 
But the talk got shackled by the howls and the cackles
From the bowels of the Black bayou
a ticket and the train leaves by quarter to four
I can see her now with the great big eyes waitin' at the station door
Ain't that fine ain't that fine
get it mayne
(If you look in the sky and you don't see your dream)
(Man don't feel defeated, cause trust me you can build it)

Now hear the words
black sky.
All alone, hang your head and cry.

Sad Little Moon in the timeless night.
You may sleep, but you will never die.

You didn't need them, your
Spreading the evening sky with crows
The sky all black placenta
Its too big to ignore

pull out the lawn chairs,
And watch the angels rip out their
always say
I'm gonna make it someday
Reach for the skies
Let the trees fall as they ay
I'm gonna make it someday
Oh oh
Mmm mmm
I'm gonna make it
America's Most drunk and blunted 

Stick to fishes  black widows kick this vicious 

Hot shit bitch  Wild Pitch 

[Jah Skillz] 

Trace your way back 50 years
To the Glow of Dresden, blood and tears
In the black above by the cruel searchlight
Men will die and men will fight,
Trace your way back 50 years
To the glow of Dresden, blood and tears
In the black above by the cruel searchlight
Men will die and men will fight,
What, nigga, Black [censored] Fam
Y'all don't fuckin want it, you heard
Listen up

Bitch either ride or collide with me, this side right
get your wife took
She'd rather be with me I can tell it just by the look
Been living by the book
Pharaoh in the big city
I don't survive I thrive I
You're so sorry 
I don't see you cry
You find me here under my big blue sky
Under my bug blue sky

And If I am jaded by what I think my world
A shallow grave
With a big black cross
By a tall white house
To a place down south
We won't forget
To be stabbed in the back
By a man they met
In 88
Ignacio lay dying in the sand
A single red rose clutched in a dying hand
The women wept to see their hero die
And the big black birds gathered in
By the shores of Gitche Gumee 
By the shining Big Sea Water 
Downward through the evening twilight 
In the days that are forgotten 
From the land
that's a big black bug,
Got your 50 cent fortune tucked under your rug.
You got your zoot suit body bag ready to blast off.
I'm in a milk crate by your
Not tryin' to meet the lost soul, at the crossroad
We're bein' sucked up into the black hole
Young becomes old, mighty clouds roll
Unfold the scrolls