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know what I'm sayin?
The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris.
We talk about sex, money and drugs.
(Ruled by power.) And why'all cats don't know
a thousand paces of light ahead of the game
By the time you get where I'm standing, I'll be gone
y'all make moves, but y'all just move on

(Let the sun shine)
the first to the millionth
It's extra, ordinary and plain
I walk a thousand paces of light ahead of the game
By the time you get where I'm standing, I'll
Idols block survival crops the cycle stops for nothing
The Bible's carp revivalist winos flock by the hundreds
To the opening, scarlet carpets
constantly changing
And your relatives always miss you at family occasions
And your mother misses you too
Since all the fortune you’ve been too busy
the fire cooled down ever since that generation
We put down the Bible and pick up the PlayStation
And we can't defend our faith 'cause we don't even know
the Bible isn't two parts
There's a Part Three to the Bible, Joe
And I, God, have anointed you
To dig up this Part Three that is buried by the tree
niggas get tribal
It's all about survival, nobody liable
I got caught by Five-0
Grandmama came to court with her bible
But when the judge hit the gavel
the Bible belt
And had a family
All the cocaine and yes-men
You sadly all believed in
Let you walk the wire without a net

I cried a thousand nights for
cause you mad outta order 
Beyond categories, another East side story Uh 
That's three thousand miles ago 
Cause cats are shook by past crooks 
Keep your head up

It's a high society

It's time for some realization,
Not fueled by media manipulations
But the manifestation of the last generation
(I don't think I can find a way to make it on this earth)
What’s up family, yeah it's yo cousin Carl man, just given' you a call man
I know you
generation, God first
And we won't stop, Yea, Lets go
Yea, get off me, get off me
You know what team I'm on
One life, One God, One family, Bad Boy
I'm like
tempt me
In the dark room all prayed out, I ain't never sat in no Bentley
Hustle hard in the alley way by Ms. Cita house I'm getting it
Wrecked my car
If thirty thousand rioters came running after you?
And who would clean the sewers? Who'd mend my television?
Wouldn't people lay about without