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What more is this beyond evil cause?
I have no time alone
Believing and leave by any couple of doors
By the roadside 
By the signpost
Is a phone
just wait

While you are wasting your time on your enemies
Engulfed in a fever of spite
Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades
Like shadows into
and my piece of mind, yeah

I wanna build a home by the ocean
Underneath the sky, gonna leave the door wide open
So I can see everything, gonna build
just wait

While you are wasting your time on your enemies
Engulfed in a fever of spite
Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades
Like shadows into

tell me will we open the heavens
And disperse ourselves as rain
Or passing by some closed door
Beam morning at the passing of all dreams
I love you
of the forks
Demensional barriars desolve
Vibrations open the doors
Into the worlds of beyond
Is this the gateway to hell
Opened up by the machine
Is this where
The life we lived
Beyond the structures of cold
Will pictures drift aside to white blank
(stares) stairs leading themselves
To doors always shut
turn and run
A jester smiles and takes you by the hand

To Project Shangri-la just beyond this door
Watch for falling stars and rainbows
Time will
there is no answer
For experience to be made by mistake

Upon this key, time will slide,
Beyond the lock, you lose your mind.
And as our door becomes
Words and music by Arlo Guthrie

If all the doors were closed in heaven
Where would all the angels go
Would they just fly around forever
Or would
the kind to sit and rest
You will soar beyond

There’s a railing by the steps which you often ignore
As you guide your little body from floor to floor
In the twilight land of Inquanok I search the door and isolate my mind
And in the wind I hear the hidden drums and peeping of false flutes
The never
The painted faces on the street
Caricatures of long ago
Oh they were young and oh-so sweet
Down beyond the boulevard
Knock on doors and empty
understanding women

And I'm not just anyone who ever stood outside your door
And I'm not any man you've ever known before
Don't judge this picture by
Richard frost
By: jimmy buffett

Richard frost left alabama heading west to find his fame
Only got to oklahoma and that's where he changed his name
The cause of the Templar's order
Was beyond religion
So brilliant their splendour
So wealthy their order

Channelling all esoteric knowledge
the doors, beyond the grave 

All alone, I heal this heart of sorrow
All alone, I raise this child
Flesh and bone, he's just
Bursting towards tomorrow
seem to see beyond a door
But it's just a crazy notion I leave showing
I live my life as sensitive as possible then one day
Maybe I'll wake up young
Beyond the door, strange cruel beautiful years lie waiting for you
It kills me to know you won't escape loneliness,
Maybe you lose hope too
Ayeye ayeye
Your fascination proves beyond a doubt
What you need and what you can't live without
Powerless against your morbid curiosity
By the lies of your self pride
Terror is hear beyond your fear
A ghost of your memory
Desperate dreams can't intervene
The ghost of your memory
someone told me about a place Where the strange were accepted And judged by 
what's inside A scene of truly open minds Somewhere, somehow,
The warden said he'd mail my letter
The chaplain's waitin' by the door
Tonight we'll cross the yard together
Then they can't hurt me anymore.

Take door no. 1 with a suicide
You're going straight to hell by the devil's side, oh-no, oh-no
Take door no. 2 with a prison view
They never knew
I know living with me ain't always easy
I dam up emotions some men just let flow
But girl when you're not by my side I feel a part of me has died