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always on my p's and q's like rstuv
Ah, never tell your in-tell to a gent who's intelligent
Cause he'll tell a friend who'll then shall attempt
To turn
The silver seal
The blood-red penitents
Towards our land
From my window I can guess
The flames of their so-called heaven
By now, I should run away
sometimes heaven could be hell 

I pass the fools who has never known my name 

when I think about the deal sometimes I need someone to blame 

I add
the Word wit a hawk like Toma
So that man can see unlike nirvana
Heaven's rulled by a unique, excellent, magnifacent persona
If you say you goin, you cant
Cause I'm a street genius with a unique penis
Got fly chicks on my dick that don't even speak English
I'm makin' ducks shed much tears, I buck