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together and try to make it some how
Cause one thing that I have learned is that you only live once
So now I'll take life by the balls and squeeze until
[S.X.] Alright I'ma get some ? and all that 

Chorus: cool Keith, Sadat X 

[Keith] Static we bring trouble to your right side 

[Sadat] Hey
The signals and the codes 
The numbers and the traps
Of an urban landscape 
Make me think about H
ow our life is ruled 
By nobodies 
Life is
Long ago in a dusty village
Full of hunger, pain and strife
A man came forth with a vision of truth
And the way to a better life
He was convinced
Grand your bound to never shine 

Me and the mics a love affair permanate warfare 

I'd rather die in here then have to live this life in fear 

Keith Urban, Mister Worldwide
They say life is short
So, I'ma live it up
Tonight it's going down
'Til the sun comes up

Two a.m. and I'm about
card in your fuckin life
You don't any means to make fuckin money

[thug] What? What the fuck you talkin bout mayn?

[Keith] You fuckin stupid, plantella
You better live your life before you pass away
Don't waste a day
All your life
You've been locked in you room you've never had a chance to roam
or hockey
no urban radio just country and poppies
I'm trying to shake these stereo types
So give me space please, let me air out my life
I don't even eat
before the gun do (blow)
Better have a spot to run to, stash your bundle
Blue and whites come through, lookouts want us
That's wrong how they had they
the big prick back then too

Now she’s had another baby
And her life has gone sub-urban
And I wonder what she thinks of
When she thinks back now of you
You better live your life before you pass away
Don't waste a day
All your life
You've been locked in you room you've never had a chance to roam
it good so I might as well rock this
Party tonight, live and outta site
Excite riot, light and do it right
I'm on..

[Kool Keith]
I'll take a second,
today and this urban decay
I worry 'bout Hip-Hop, when did it flip-flop?
Get whack and turn into gridlock

I don't know, is it a government plot?
I don't
do, I do
Who knows you better
Better than I do, than I do

You know you can't live your life
Doin' what the others do
Always takin' their advice
of your life on whatever's in his range
Never mind the notion of savin the lives of your friends
Your sister, your cousins, your mother, even [edited]
fall asleep
Staring at the mother-daughter clones go by
We're in a race against time
And time might be winning

And it's not going to take all day
where I live at
Where parents are embarrassed to tell you they raise they kids at
You'll need some half and half over 8 bar you can get that
Fuck with
[Keith Murray]
Aiyyo we put you to the test, put it through your chest
Make a mothafucker catch a cardiac arrest
Live out the Fresh Fest, one
advanced for your little cause 

Pole position  my verbal contact no life support 

We'll maintain position  lift off to ignition 

Frequency feedback
Took you by surprise
Now you're burnin' up inside

Better make it better, yeah eah
Better make it better,
Better make it better,
Time's running out
I. The Healing Colors Of Sound, Part 1

II. My Shoes
[God says]
Melt the ice by summer
Turn the grass from green to gold
the beauty in life's mystery

I'm gonna live
Like tomorrow never comes
There's no end in sight
Tonight we black out the sun
Better hold on tight
Before you

Takin' my time
Everything's fine
I call you by the phone
Nobody's home

We've got better days
There'll be better days
We've got better
That I constantly feel like I'm falling from grace
And being chased by
This face that lives inside of the hate that lives
Inside of the way that I