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Enthralled by the thirst, thoughts of a deviant man
Intoxified, thoughts of taking life
No live are mourned, no cares, nothing more
Two worlds
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Jeremiah 1:5, Acts 17:25

It could have gone either way when it came down to the choice
To keep the life
down and keep you eyes peeled
'cause life is...
Life is a mine field

Think the grass is greener?
You'd better look around
Everywhere you look another
I'm a sister with a grip on her life 
I only live once so I gotta get right 
The first time 'cause there won't be a second 
I'm not in the mood
Hey, when is the last time you sat down and had dinner with your kids?
Talked about what's going on in their lives?
Hey, when is the last time you
I should have known better
To see what I could see
My black shroud
Holding down my feelings
A pillar for my enemies

I should have wrote
And they're drunk again
By the tavern door

Down on Western Ford Gateway
That's a place where the dead say
That a man lives no more
Than his fair share

1st Verse Sheila says the heart is just a muscle   Sheila says the heart is cooled by time  Hiding out for years down in these trade winds
on TV live
On channel 13 but call yourself a gangster?
Nigga, ya better stop doin all that dry snitchin
When you know it ain't real, 'fore somebody come
on Heaven's door,
Well you have to go

Make the most of what you've got
'Cause it's better than to not have anything at all.
Live each day as it's your
stand another fight
The studio boss fired me, my future's been shot by

The Three Martini Lunch
Things will get better soon, I gotta hunch
Dot on my life, everybody everybody on my side
Scared of a drone that fly (drop) in
Bombs by the riverside, channel twelve reporting live
I know talking to you's just a waste of my time
I'm gonna stop tellin' you how to live your life

Buzz is good
Feelin' fine
One of these days
humble or stumble and fumble
'Til death inside a rumble

(Four by four) Rule four better get this down
Before niggaz gon' beef better have that
rejectedly by the door
Doesn't Lenny live here anymore?
Are you sure?
You sit at the desk

To lose your life in a letter
But the words don't seem to come
1, 2, X is comin' for you
3, 4, you better lock your door
5, 6, get your crucifix
7, 8, don't stay up late

1, 2, X is comin' for you
3, 4,
had a girl
Now she's gone
She left town
Town burned down
Nothing left
But the sound
Of the front door closing forever

Gentle rain
Falls on me
All life
Reigns, down with misery
Life's not always what it seems
False hope
written in the testament of old
Take heed
stop believing every word you read
Reigns - Down with misery
Life's not always what it seems
False hope
Written in the testament of old

Take heed
Stop believing everyword you read
'em down
Turn 'em into shopping malls the hood is like a ghost town
Haunted by souls who thought that time stood still
Just live your life
down my door
My girl don't like it, she says I throw my life away

Down at the unemployment agency
They have a lot of different jobs for me
Right then, oh boy, we hit the turning point

Three or four years or more my life was on the floor
Blind faith, hangin' in, hungry and tired of it
to keep us company"


Two miles down the road, Henry Tompkins wife
Three miles down the road and he's running for his life

In this world there is so much anger
Our lives are in danger
We are all living in fears
We¡¯ve got to stop the tears

Chorus: Life is for
Cry, cry if it makes you feel better

Set it all down in a tear-stained letter
Oh, oh, oh love, love
Cry, cry if it makes you feel better
Set it all