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cold fishin' by the lake
Take a brain off rappin', 'member what happened
Listen reminisce and cold keep your foot tappin
Darryl and Joe cause the DJ's
Step out into the Indian dust
I can feel the cracks in my spirit
They're starting to bust

Drive by your house, nobody's home
I'm trying to tell
into my bed (Laying in my bed)
My third mistake was loving you more than I should
Oh, I really should know better
My fourth mistake was sitting with
"Choose the one who Loves you More", by Copeland, from their album "In Motion".  Lyrics submitted by Jason Nichols.

Rain, rain, rain on my mind.
him 'cause this could be my only chance
Me and my partner Jason, we started doing mix tapes
We both smiled cause we knew this could be our big break
and the blues
My partner made bad moves, he might end up in the news
Or end up in the tombs or living in the boondocks
Riding by the rules I'll abide by it
I'm sorry for what I did, Please baby come home
And I'm gonna make it up to ya by the end of this song
And I been alone, since you been gone, baby
do better
Your imagine material looks, hotter behind looks
Raise the fear, no one, but self, who's shook?
Bring the plague like the revelations in
every last one of 'em

It's gettin' crowded in here, some acts got to go
Let's start by eliminatin' groups that can't flow
I better meal my deal, my
my shit

Jason Derulo!

Now get on over here, and get up on this bed
I'm all upon you, now lock me and whip your legs
Pulled your shirt
and Mike
Driving down Van Dyke
Get my dick sucked late at night by a fuckin' transvestite
Still on probation for strangling my boy Jason
Should be taking my
The next day I arose still kickin the same clothes
I had to make a decision
Even though I lost her my friends still gave me recognition
Bein recognized by
nothing better than communication
Known to damage and highly flammable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waiting
No more procrastination give up
We must be based on nothin'
Better than communication
Known to damage and highly flamable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waitin'
What about lil' Jason up in prison?
You think an 8 year old had bad intentions?
Pullin' the trigger on dad just barely killed him
Just wanted
competition better back up
I'm the e running back
Niggas that ain't ready get the machete
For the lyrical jason of rap imma keep comin back

Quick to make decisions and I'm
Quick to get my blast on
Do a 187 with this bloody Jason mask on
Rollin' up out the cut deeper than Atlantis
I gave, so give me some praise
Better yet -- another raise is due
To the man that's hyper
I hit this beat, just like a sniper
Shooting, aiming
Boi . . .

Mind of a souljah, mind of a souljah, release and feel me

Everybody by now should know my label, my thugsta
These things guidin'
No one's gonna lace you, like I do
I get around babe, I'm a straight gamer.

Verse 1 *(Black C)*

Chapter one
I'm blowin up the scene wit my gun
Freakin it, with the ill vocal tone
Outspoken, here's a token of my appreciation
I bring drama like Jason
Who can see me?  You better ask Superman
for his
my opinion you make it
The critic'll get the didick and if you got it then stay with it
You never knew me but you flew me to your town see
We must be patient nothing better than communication
Known to damage and highly flammable like gas stations
Sorry I left that ass waiting
No more
here so long
I just heard the speakers yawn
I go hard like Jason Bourne
These other MC's remind me of Mr. Bean and Johnny English reborn
But I still
And choose the dark route
Nightmares gotta be loved by some
And I'm the one
Ya want to come, bring your shotgun
You ever see your partner die?
No? Well I have!